Saab safety – Film and Photo

It’s time for video #2 in our special “Inside Saab” series of videos.

A few weeks ago we brought you a ‘live’ crash test of a Saab 9-5 SportCombi. You got to see and hear what a crash test looks like without all the slo-mo images and with full sound, which is a pretty rare insight. Last week you got to meet one of our crash test dummies. It was a special look at what is a much more sophisticated piece of equipment than many people realise. Today, we tie these together and take a look at the film and lighting systems used for crash test videos.

Light is a key element of any form of photography or videography. When you’re filming at 1,000 frames per second, adequate lighting is crucial in order to ensure that the impact of the test can be properly assessed after the event.

As you’ll see below, Saab’s crash test facility has a lighting system that was built in consultation with experts in the field from Hollywood. It’s a system that is unique to Saab and we like to make best use of it.

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  1. Hello Swade, fantastic, your contributions to crash safety at Saab!!! I am looking forward seeing even more things from the laboratory! Can you show us how the new Saab 9-5 crashes in various senarios, like roll-over, muse-crash, etc???

    Yours Tobias

    1. No I didn’t Pierre.  I just prepare the accompanying text for the entry.  We have an agency in Stockholm who produced this series of films for us.  10 of them, in all.  Great guys with quite deep roots in THN, actually. 

  2. Nice to see Autoexpress un UK have lifted your crashtest dummies video and it is headlining on their site – good to remind people why Saab are so safe.

  3. This series of videos is very interesting, so thanks for sharing them here. A mix of old and new is perfect.

    Question: Do Saab ever test double-impact crashes? (I know that the permutations are infinite)
    I was in one with a ’96 gm900 14 yr ago. Hit a car that pulled out in front of me – full frontal, air bags, pretensioners etc. Then, still carrying momentum and with a deflated steering wheel airbag in the way, hit a roadside concrete pillar approx 0,5m square about 3s later (amazing how long 3s is!). THAT wrote the car off because the narrow region of impact caused the gearbox to smash.

  4. Amazing video. 🙂

    It is so good I hope it gets a wider audience.
    Keep up the good work!