2011 Midnight Sun Rally – Full tilt boogie

A few days ago, I brought you some video footage from the regularity class at the Midnight Sun Rally. That’s where most of the Saabs were featured.

Following is a video from the historic class, the flat-out version of the rally that doesn’t feature quite so many Saabs, but does feature a lot of action.

Enjoy your viewing.


My apologies to a few of the Saab drivers that I missed. My camera was running so low on battery power towards the end that I was turning it off between cars. Sometimes it didn’t start up again quickly enough. There were at least two Saabs that I missed – a 99T and one or more 96’s.


Going to the Midnight Sun Rally was a ton of fun. You’d need to be well organised to get to spectator points on a number of different stages, but once you’re there it really is like old-time racing.

People spill out and walk along the track in between cars. They’re gathered on the hills, some of them having picnics.

And then there’s the driving, which as you can see is pretty exciting stuff. Many of Sweden’s top drivers were there, including Kenneth Backlund from the Saab Performance Team, former Saab champ Stig Blomqvist as well as eventual winner, Kenny Bräck.

If you have an opportunity to get along to one of these historic rallies in the future, I recommend that you do. You’ll see some outstanding machinery, some ace driving and you’ll have a whole lot of fun doing it.

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  1. A great video! You are getting good at this and even better towards the end!
    What a nostalgia trip – my first car was a mark 1 Ford Escort 2 door and to see these competing, fantastic.
    It must have been great to be there, I still have a smile on my face and I have only seen a few minutes of video.

  2. Only one rock to the head? You did well. I have learned that when going to observe rally that one ought to bring: respirator mask, eye protection, a helmet and a metal trash-can lid to ward off showers of stones. Great job!

  3. Thx for the entertainment! There is nothing so full of lovely frustration and eagerness as the sound of a rally car engine, and the older the engine is the better. That is besides the old Volvo engines that sounds just as square as the car looks. It is a wonder to me how that company still manages to sell cars with a profit. Hope that stone did not hit you in any vital part.

  4. Thanks for sharing this event via video. I particularly liked the Volvo P1800. Don’t believe I’ve ever seen one on a rally. Makes me want to get my SAAB 93F racer up and running again.