2011 Midnight Sun Rally – Regularity Class

The 2011 Midnight Sun Rally ended just over a week ago and there were a lot of Saabs entered in the event. If you haven’t seen the Midnight Sun Rally photo album yet, then make sure you click on that link and check it out.

Most of the Saabs at the event competed in the Regularity Class. This is not full-tilt rally driving as you might know it. Regularity, as the name suggests, is all about driving to a regular schedule and being consistent in that. In the case of the Midnight Sun Rally, this meant driving to achieve an average of 50km/h over every stage of the event. Cars incur penalties for being outside the 50km/h average target.

This video shows most of the Saabs competing in Regularity this year. Because I was filming on some longer, straighter sections, this is more like a chance to see and appreciate the vehicles than to see some sideways action (that’s coming in another video a bit later!). Regularity is more about teamwork and precision than it is about flat out speed. It’s also less expensive than flat-out rallying, allowing greater access to a wider group of people.

Enjoy the cars! You’ll see a great range of Saabs here from the Saab 92 right through to late model Saab 99s (entries in the rally have to be at least 30 years old).

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1 Comment

  1. Great movie Swade, You got pretty much all the SAABs in the two regularity classes, with or without Tripmeter.
    The cars comes in order of the best competitors last. The SaabsUnited Historic rally Team had 3 cars among the 23 best. We placed 5th The Black 99 Turbo CombiCoupe that I drove, 12th The Blue 99 Turbo Sedan driven by Fredrik Nyström-Andersson and lastly 23rd the White 99 Turbo CombiCoupe driven by Krister Sundman.

    We ramp up production this fall making a 900 Turbo 5 door Service-Vehicle, a 99 Turbo Sedan Replica Stig Blomquist RAC 1979, and yet another 99 Turbo CombiCoupe.
    Seams like we produce more cars than Trollhättan still 🙂
    We can not wait for Trollhättan to catch up!

    Out ultimate goal is to build 2 high-spec pure 99 TURBO rally cars and get the most well known and knowledged drivers in them, but to get that project running we would appreciate some more sponsors who love Saab and the Saab Rally History.