From the carpark…..

Just wandering through the Saab bunker today, I noticed the rear of one our Saab 9-5’s had a fat lip.

Always nice to see it parked next to a Saab 9-4x, too.

Anyway, this is the first time I’d seen a rear spoiler on a 9-5 and it looked rather neat, hence the sharing.

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  1. I just love the Oak Brown metallic!  Just give me a 9-4X in that color for me to drive around here in Småland doing some Saab advertising 🙂

  2. Hi,
    when posting pictures of new Saabs under natural light, could you please name the colour of the car. Those colours look quite differently under natural light.

  3. If you happen to stumble upon any 95 SC:s in daylight, please feel free to post them. You did that a couple of weeks ago wich was very appreciated, but a few close ups would be nice.

  4. Great photots, Swade, thanks!  And I’ll gladly take that white 9-3X with the tow hitch off your hands…

    By the way, the wheels on the Oak Brown 9-5 are AWESOME.  That brushed silver pattern overlaying the graphite wheel looks amazing.

    1. They do look great, have them on mine. However, if you do kerb them (almost inevitable in London’s naarrow streets) it does show up badly and costs quite a lot to get repaired as they need to be fully stripped back, colour matched and repainted and baked. Had the same problem on my previous Turbo X.

  5. soooo… Does the spoiler serve a functional purpose? Will anyone notice a difference zooming down the autobahn 250 kph with the rear spoiler attached?

    I think the 9-5 looks better without one…

      1. My problem is that the wife likes it. 🙂 I’m still on the fence (one minute I like it, the next I’m undecided again). Any help in the “get my car go fast”-department would be a deciding factor for me.

        1. It does emphasize the great looks from the side IMO… whereas the original looks great all-around!

  6. It must be a pleasure just to be able to walk around the parking lot a bit and “shoot” Saabs in all variaties. Please keep on doing so Steven 🙂