In the carpark II…..

Saab 9-4x 3.0 Premium in Moorland Bronze.

Like most Saab fans, I was a little skeptical when I first saw the 9-4x concept back in 2008. With a little time and personal exposure, however, I have to say …….. I could definitely have one of these. It’s the first time I’ve seen the color and this interior configuration up close and it’s absolutely magnificent.


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  1. It looks very similar to Smoke Beige on my 2006 9-5.  It’s a unique neutral color and something different than white/silver/black.

    Is the wood trim in the 9-4X real or fake?

  2. A very nice car! The blue and red colors previously shown in “Colors ans wheels” on looked even better though. Is it correct that these were withdrawn due to the tsunami in Japan? Will they be back for MY2012?

    Also, will the 3.0i be a BioPower engine in Europe? A while ago I saw a Swiss price list on Saabs United where it was mentioned as “3.0i BioPower”. If correct, I think it will boost sales especially in Sweden. 🙂

  3. It grows on me day by day…. they’ve just got to sort out a diesel engine for Australia and I will seriously consider it.

  4. Love it… Only one gripe!  Why is parchment leather only available on the base.  This car with parchment leather would be perfect.

    Will it be available with the premium 9-4x in 2012?

  5. So I was not the only sceptical one …. anyhow, very nice indeed and it seems very good to drive too …

  6. Oh my… lose the plastic wood, please. Oh, and some diesel engine goodness for us Europeans would be nice. A German auto magazine recently called the current engine lineup “decadent”.
    Otherwise, it’s one of the few SUVs I like to look at.

    1. I believe Saab wanted to be able to offer a diesel engine on the 9-4X but was unable to source one at the time that would fit the platform.  But, I agree.  I am generally not a big fan of SUVs of any size, but the 9-4X is about the nicest looking mid-size SUV out there.

    2. I agree: For a SUV the 9-4X is unusual well-designed. – But this fake dark wood-trim is real ugly, vulgar, false and almost the anti-thesis of the Scandinavian approach which is such an important part of the Saab-heritage and – integrity. Besides it has nothing to do in a modern high-tech-car and fits very bad – colorwise – to the gray plastic-surroundings ! It is those kind of attempts to make a car seem exclusive that really makes it appear cheap ! Appealing to lowest taste like a hooker. (Sorry) It is such a shame to see in a Saab – Let Mercedes have that “style” for them selves.

    3. Wood trim of any sort is not my favourite feature either (I’m more of a brushed metal or carbon fibre person, myself) but I took pictures of this one because I was surprised by how good it looked.  That may not show up in the images, but I was very happy with what I saw.

      Troels, we’re all free to share an opinion here, but please bear in mind that other people will read yours and could be influenced by it (either offended or encouraged to add their own detailed point of view).  You don’t like it?  That’s OK.  It’s more than OK.  But you think anyone who does like it is cheap or of low taste?  I’m not sure that adds anything to your point.

      1. OK!
        I will consider that in future comments.
        I just dont find this style very Scandinavian or honest.

  7. Hey Swade, I mentioned it on Arild’s blog a while back, I think you are doing some subliminal advertising with the 9-4X up on your banner page – because I didn’t like it at first – but now I do 🙂  

    1. Actually, I didn’t have any input into the banner.  I just got told to turn up at XXXXX address for a photo.  The rest was done by others.  Not too shabby, though (the car, I mean).

  8. After having sat in a new 5 series or a new E-Class both with wood decorations lately, I keep asking me why people think Saab uses different materials that those premium brands. If it looks and feels the same, why should it be different?

    All the premium brands use wood veneer (Jaguar, Audi, BMW, Mercedes), only a few luxury brands like Rolls Royce or Bentley use “real” wood.

  9. That excessive faux wood trim looks tacky, worse than Volvos efforts – and the car will not sell in the UK if no diesel is offered.

  10. Hey Swade. Indeed, the color is very beautiful. But inside i would see the wood trim with beige leather. I think that would fit perfect. The black interieur with the wood looks not good, i would prefer aluminium. 
    Swade, if you have the possibility can you post pictures from a 9-4x with beige leather interieur?

    1. For the 2011 models, at least, there is no beige trim option.  It’s either shark grey or black.  I don’t know if a light option will come for 2012 at this point, but will post it here if and when some news comes on that.