In the Inside Saab garage parking lot – Saab 9-4x

I just wanted to post a quick note on the new wheels in the parking lot tonight.

This is my chariot for the next few days……. click

It’s a Saab 9-4x Aero – 2.8T V6 with XWD – and I’ll be taking it up to Västerås tomorrow for a few days of action at the Midnight Sun rally.

I’ll be arriving in the afternoon and taking in all the final day’s action, checking out all the Saabs in play and of course, sharing plenty of photos and maybe some video here in Inside Saab.


Mrs Swade and I took the 9-4x out for a nice leisurely drive this evening, taking one of the back roads out of Trollhattan towards Lilla Edet. It’s a winding, uneven surface and in the rain, there’s plenty of reason to be cautious (which I was). The 9-4x was totally planted, however, and didn’t miss a beat. It was an incredibly encouraging first run, even if just a short one.

The difference between Sport and Comfort modes is a marked one, as it should be. Comfort soaked up all the road’s uneven surfaces quite nicely and Sport turned it (surprisingly) aggressive. A real Jeckyl and Hyde, this one – in a good way. Those two modes should be different, otherwise why have them?

Can’t wait to get it out on the open road tomorrow. I’ve got my wife here, an iPod, a Saab 9-4x and 300+km of roads to travel. What more could you ask for?

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  1. Thats sounds like a really nice trip with a VERY nice car!!! have a nice event!!!

    1. No need for sunglasses today. It’s raining for the first time in weeks.

  2. I visited Västerås for work (work for Westinghouse). Beautiful area. Be sure to check out the ceremonial Viking grounds. Have fun at the rally.

  3. I had a Cadillac SRX for a few days when someone hit my 9-3 in parking lot.  I also see them very frequently.  The 9-4x should do wonderfully well here in the states, especially being priced right at level of Cadillac.

    I loved driving the SRX and the Saab touches make the 9-4x a potential hit here in the US.  Can’t wait to start seeing them on the roads.

    1. and the 9-4x was actually designed alongside the SRX by Saab engineers at the same time back in 2008! it was even supposed to come out before the Caddy as well. Its looking great though we can’t wait. 

  4. What more could you ask for? Lets see, a case of diet coke, a fresh pack of cigs, and a happy dog to test the functionality of the interior!

  5. Swade, could you do me a favor and keep track of the fuel mileage.  I’m very curious to see how the 9-4X does on the open road.  Saab’s normally get better mileage than the EPA estimates and I’d like to see if that’s true for the new car.  I’m taking my new 9-5 for a 4800 kilometer trek and hope to see better than the estimated 27MPG rating. 

  6. Wife, Saab 9-4x, iPod and open road…. way to rub it in jerk!

    Just kidding!!! 😉 Enjoy the ride! Sounds like you’ve got a fantastic weekend ahead of you!

  7. Hm, I have seen a white 9-4 yesterday out at Överby/ICA Maxi… Unfortunately, I didn’t see the license plates.

  8. You know Swade, I am very envious of you 🙂

    enjoying a beautiful Swedish summer, driving through the fantastic countryside, lakes, seaside villages, IKEA meatballs, in a beautiful car …… shame on you! 🙂

    Next year for the BIG meeting in Trollhattan, I am going to do it too…

  9. Gues we all envy Swade here? At least I do. Enjoy the yourney and the rally, and make some nice pics please!  

  10. Swade, you are a mastermind when taking photos. I know you didn’t prepare that, but you decided to take this photo and not another.

    All the other cars but the Saab looking at the wall. But maybe it’s only that we are proud Saab drivers and want that people notice our cars.

    Have a great journey and enjoy, if the 9-4x is half as comfortable as the 9-5 when arriving in Västerås you will be asking for more road.

    Have fun.

  11. While in Västerås, if you’re into that sort of thing, don’t miss the Anundshög. It’s the biggest burial mound in Sweden, with rune stones, standing stones and other prehistoric remains in abundance. I haven’t actually been there myself, but I’ve always planned to stop by sometime.

  12. That’s a great photo for people like me who couldn’t quite figure out the car’s size. I’m glad to see it’s not a giant – is it smaller than a XC60? Also, nice park job! I love reversing! Woo! J Fan

  13. n-i-c-e-!
    (I bet you pinch yourself to make sure it’s not all a wonderful dream!)

  14. Tough duty. Really, really tough duty. Somehow I’ve got a feeling you’re up to it. Have a enjoyable, very safe trip! (Remember the old adage: You break it, you bought it.)