Last night was a marvelous night for a… pic of my 900.


Unfortunately, the reason for my car’s blissful isolation was only revealed by the parking ticket on my windshield at 0715 this morning. No parking between 0400 and 0900 to allow for street cleaning.

Talk about learning the hard way!

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  1. Ah, restricted parking. Perhaps this should have been posted under the silly Saab stories but back in my university days my flat mate Doug had a little Opel GT (quite similar to a Saab Sonett for those unaware).  We were in upstate New York which is one of the snowiest areas of the US.  In the winter we were required to move our cars to alternate sides of the street each night so the city could conduct regular snow removal.  Well one night we got a major snow fall.  When he went to move his car the next morning it had been buried by the snow plows so deep he figured he would dig it out the next day.  But we got another major snowfall to the point where in the morning you couldn’t see the car. The city (Syracuse ) came to a complete stand still for days.  I think it was about five days later we decided we better shovel out the car.  We kept digging and digging only to find it wasn’t there.  It had been towed that first night.  He had a nice multi day fee to pay at the impound lot to get the car back.