Press Release: Saab Automobile update on production and sale and lease back of Saab Property

Swedish Automobile N.V. (SWAN) announces that Saab Automobile AB (Saab Automobile) obtained final approval from the EIB, the NDO and the Swedish government for the sale and lease back of the Saab property.

The consortium of Swedish real estate investors led by Hemfosa Fastigheter, and including among others, Brinova Fastigheter AB, PEAB and Weland Fastigheter will purchase 50.1% of the shares in Saab Property AB for a total consideration of SEK 255 million, reflecting an adjustment to the transaction price for a one year lease free period. Of the SEK 255 million consideration, SEK 205 million will be paid in cash on closing and the remaining SEK 50 million in the form of a sellable bond convertible into shares of the purchasing company. The investors have the right to increase their commitment to SEK 300 million within 30 days after closing on similar terms. The parties will proceed to closing the transaction today.

With this transaction SWAN and Saab Automobile will have raised about EUR 61 million in additional funding commitments over the past weeks. Saab Automobile continues its discussions with its suppliers on materials supply and commercial terms and is close to reaching agreements. SWAN and Saab Automobile continue their discussions with several parties to obtain further short-term funding to be able to restart and sustain production, including completion of a drawdown under the EIB loan facility.

Given the fact that some of Saab Automobile’s suppliers require a longer lead time to resume adequate supplies and the delay as a result of the summer shutdown period at many of Saab Automobile’s European suppliers, Saab Automobile plans to restart production by Tuesday August 9, provided that the above criteria are met.

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  1. I thank the NDO and Swedish government for swift action on this. However, it seems like Saab is fighting a David and Goliath battle against huge bureaucracies. It’s simply incredible that Saab has so many interested investors but has to sit idle while paying full employee salaries for so long. I’m worried but still believe Saab will navigate the huge obstacle course to a brilliant future.
    The U.S. auto industry is now on a massive hiring spree ( I wish the Swedish government would be just a little proactive toward their great auto industry in light of its huge potential.

  2. Wow, August 9th for a restart of production.  I’m very concerned about the dealers who have no inventory to sell.  How will they make it through another month of cancelled orders and no business.  At least here in the US, there is plenty of stock sitting on dealer lots.  Perhaps some of the overstock can be moved to other countries that need cars to fill orders.  I know this would be a logistical nightmare and the cars would need to be re-fitted with stickers and owners manuals in native languages.  But, at least you could transfer some cars to folks who have ordered petrol models.