The Saab 9-4x Rocks

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  1. Nice Steven, nothing else needed to say here then the title. Enjoy the ride while you have it, what is your favorite feature on it right now?

    1. The seats, and sport mode.  Best new Saab seats I’ve sat in for some time.  And sport mode completely changes the way it drives.  Goes from cruiser to bruiser in an instant.

  2. We’re all jealous here in California…no 9-4x’s yet. Glad you like it! My wife is set on this vehicle. I’m hanging on to my ’02 until Jason’s 9-3 comes out

    1. I did not.  We’d been around the finish for 3 hours by the time we left and it didn’t look like a presentation was going to happen any time soon.  We had another 90 mins of travel ahead of us after what was already a very long day.