The sweet sound of Saab

From the brilliantly (re)named Trionic Bros racing team in the US……

Press play.

Close your eyes. And just listen.


I actually heard recently that the beautiful sound of the Saab 16V was actually somewhat unintentional. That’s something I’m going to have to dig into a little more.

In the meantime, go ahead and play that again. And enjoy.

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  1. AFAIK, the sound of the 900 16v come from the form of the exhaust manifold, and this had to be build this way because of space constraints.

    1. I believe you’re correct, RedJ.  Sounds like initial plans were for a different outlet, but they made do with what they could (to wonderful effect!).

    2. I revel in listening to my ’93 900, and it’s not even a turbo.  Saabs sound like nothing else, especially when you’re driving a manual.  Thanks for answering this, RedJ!  I’ve always wondered why Saabs sound the way they do.  And yes, Swade – I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to read a piece on the story behind the unique Saab sound!

  2. It’s not just the exhaust manifold IMHO – I have a tubular (nearly equal length) manifold on my ’90 SPG, along with a 3″ exhaust all the way back – and although it’s different, it is still recognizably a Saab engine sound.  

  3. Great sound. Love the way it holds the gear all the way up the hill too.  Cars do sound better with a manual box. 

  4. That’s music to my ears! After buying my very first 8V Saab 900 (an ’81), I took my Dad for a drive and he immediately mentioned the beautiful “jet engine whine” and exhaust note. I thought that was an interesting way to describe it!

    Happy Saabing!