Inside Saab: More information about salaries and factory staff

Yesterday, we informed staff that there was a risk that the payroll due on August 25 would be delayed. We can now confirm that there is a delay. The company is working hard to secure financing, enabling us to fulfill our commitments. At present we cannot confirm a date for the payment of salaries but we will continue to provide updated information for staff, including information about white collar salaries.

Swade’s notes: Wages for factory staff are due on the 25th. Salaries for white collar staff are due on the 26th (for this month, normally on the 27th). Of course, it is reasonable to expect that both are effected by this notice. People that I know within Saab are, of course, disappointed about this but perhaps not surprised under current circumstances. Hopefully they understand that best efforts are being made to resolve the situation as quickly as possible.


Staff returned to the Saab plant earlier this week for briefings on the current status at the company. They are returning throughout the week, around 25% of the plant staff at a time, to help make sure that our production capability remains OK.

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  1. This is not unexpected but it is unfortunate.  My heart goes out to the workers who have bills to pay and families to take care of.  Hopefully, this situation will be resolved soon and the employees will get paid.  I can’t imagine the stress that they are under right now.  No matter how sad it seems to the average Saab fan, try to remember that the workers are directly affected by this situation.

  2. Most important is structural organized finance. That will guarantee the future of Saab. Let’s keep fingers crossed for Saab and everyone involved. Saab deserves a great future that needs to start asap. Müller is not the kind of guy who gives up easily.

  3. Jag hoppas så innerligt av hela mitt hjärta att det kommer att lösa sig och att det kommer att gå bra för SAAB i framtiden. All personal på SAAB har en gång för alla bevisat med sitt tålamod och tilltro till SAAB att SAAB är något helt unikt. Jag är övertygat om att det inte finns någon motsvarighet i världen. Det är bara tragiskt att så få (presumtiva bilköpare) inte förstått det.

  4. as a former saab customer and employee , i just want this to end !! Victor cant seem to make it work .No moeny , no job , not able to my bills let alone Saab , after 18 years i am stuufed because saab messed up !!! ALL THE BEST . people no doubt love the brand , but really try living in this nightmare for so long now and you will understand why backs are no being turned  

    1. Abel123

      The Saab problems where there before Victor took over, Victor will prevail he will find the short term monies! It will be a rough ride but if they make it, the long term picture looks very bright!

  5. To all Saab workers!!!Get your head out of the sand and seek out a new job.
    Till alla Saab anställda!!Sitt inte o vänta utan byt jobb för Saab kommer att gå i KK inom ett par månader,Som det ser ut nu så får ni vänta 2mån på lön…………..

    1. Patrick, nice try and I guess I should thank you for your concern, but if this is going to be a daily routine, I’m going to have to ask you to please take your opinion elsewhere.  

      You’ll be pleased to know that people here at Saab aren’t stupid.  They know what our current situation means and some are indeed taking precautions for their future – just in case.  But that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate what Saab is all about, that they don’t want to be here when things get going.

    1. Patrick,

      This is your third comment in a row that has no purpose other than to spread bad news (people are quite able to check news feeds for themselves and your services are not required in that dept).  As per my last response to you, I’ll now formally ask you to refrain from commenting if this is your sole purpose for being here.  If you do it again, I’ll remove you from the comments system.

      Freedom of speech means that you can set up a website of your own and say what you want.  You’re welcome and free to comment here as long as you respect the site’s guidelines and purpose (see the About page).  If your purpose here is just to cause trouble, then that’s not OK.  Your call.

        1. Fair enough, but as mentioned, your services as a news source or career counsellor aren’t required.  The Swedish press are keen to speculate on all manner of things that might happen to Saab.  That doesn’t happen here.  Again, please read the comments policy on the About page and consider that you’ve been warned.  It’s your choice as to how you conduct yourself here but there are guidelines in place.  You’re welcome to disagree with, and discuss, things that are written here if done in the right spirit.  You’re not welcome to simply drop bad news or unsolicited advice.