Leaving Comments at Inside Saab

Just a little bit of housekeeping……

We like to chat here at Inside Saab but we know that sometimes, when people are confronted with a comments system that looks a little different, they might be inclined to shy away. Inside Saab uses a comments system called Disqus. It provides us with some good moderation tools and also lightens our server load (which is always nice).

Commenting via Disqus couldn’t be easier so if you’ve thought of this ‘new’ system as a barrier to entry, let me walk you through.

If you’re new to the system then it won’t recognise you and you’ll need to either sign in or register. Disqus makes this process super-easy. Once you’ve entered your comment text into the dialog, you need to press the “Post As” button on the bottom right side of the dialog box. A pop-up will give you the various registration options:

The default option is to login using a Disqus profile. If you don’t have a Disqus profile, you also have the opportunity to sign in using your profile from one of the following web services:

  • Google
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Yahoo, or
  • OpenID

If you don’t want to use one of these, creating a Disqus profile takes seconds and you can use it here on Inside Saab and any other site that uses Disqus (there’s quite a lot of them, now).

On the Login screen (see above image) you simply click the link that says “Register a new Disqus Profile”

The screen will change to the registration page. It’s still within the same popup and won’t take you away from Inside Saab.

Simply enter in your email address, desired username and password – and you’re done!

If you want to make your profile a bit more elaborate, you can go to Disqus.com, use your registration details to log in there and fill things out a bit (add an avatar image, etc).

On future visits, depending on your computer and privacy settings, the system will either remember you, or you can simply log in again whenever you want to leave a comment.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Comments coming~! I’m the first!!!
    Hoping Saab can solve the recent situation and can hear good news for you~!!

    Long live SAAB! 

  2. Disqus is great, I really like having one account for commenting on many different websites. The only problems are that it sometimes can be a little buggy and that it does not work through Opera Mini on my phone.

  3.  Thank you sir! By the way, I’m sorry we’ll miss you at Swedish car day in Boston this year…hoping you’ll make it next summer!

    Happy Saabing!

  4. I have been slightly confused reading the comments. But I have found out why now. 🙂
    Otherwise I’m happy. When the production starts I’ll be even happier. (But until then, I will happily drive around in any of our Saabs.)

  5. I’m still trying to get the % back in 100%Saab. Otherwise I’ve confirmed my email address and  am ready to post. 100%Saab

  6. Testing… I was trying to register / login from iPad, but it didn’t seem possible. The menus didn’t show up. Trying this from my PC.