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I know that there is a degree of skepticism about anything I write about the Saab 9-4x. I’m a company guy, right? True. Whilst I’ll never write something here that I don’t believe in, I can understand the filters people will apply when they read it.

Right – Saab 9-4x 3.0 Premium

So even though I might tell you that from my recent test drives (Stockholm and back, Finland and back) that I think the Saab 9-4x is an outstanding new Saab, it would pay for you to check it out for yourself.

Two guys who did that recently were Steve C and Mitch. Steve emailed me directly over the weekend about his test drive. Mitch left his thoughts in comments to this website yesterday after taking a look at the 9-4x at his local dealer. Here’s what they had to say…..


Steve C:

I chose one of the better summer weather days (Thursday) to take the day off, get an oil change and finally take a drive in a 9-4X. Reinertsen had 4 parked out front. This was a non-Aero XWD model and it lived up to expectations. I have a usual test drive course that offers me a fair comparison of vehicles.

The first thing I talk about when describing my first impression is that the 9-4X feels and drives smaller than you might think. When I set the mirrors to eliminate blind spots, I feel comfortable on multi-lane highways. On the narrow twisty road near my dealer, I was wondering how that would feel and the answer is great! I didn’t feel too conscious that it was too wide to stay in my lane and it felt great cornering.

I was impressed with the ride – even in sport mode it wasn’t bad. Probably better than in the 9-5 given the 9-4X tire size/aspect. That V-6 naturally aspirated engine likes to rev! I didn’t think I was too heavy on the gas but it still liked to rev before shifting, even in comfort mode. I liked that in sport mode, it showed you the gear it was in – even if you were still in auto mode. You don’t see that in comfort mode.

The other new thing for me was that the turbo gauge was replaced by a mpg gauge. And those side mirrors make for interesting visibility when looking out the side windows.

When I first saw the 9-4X prior to the NY auto show when my dealer had it for a week, I did all the things you can do when it is standing still with the engine off. This trip was just for driving and, taking everything together, I can say there is no question that this is a Saab!



The 9-4x is brilliant. Too bad this piñata phase at Saab is detracting from it and other great products like the new 9-5 sedan and upcoming 9-5 ‘Combi. I spent some time this past Saturday with Chad at Just Saab Dayton OH and their showroom floor 9-4x Aero. Wow. The owner of the 9-4x reported as a sale on July 23 over at SaabsUnited pulled into the lot as we were talking. Wow. Just wow. The 9-4x looks even better in motion.

… I really need to hurry up and pay off my 2009 9-5 Combi …


As always, don’t take my word for it. Get in and check out the 9-4x for yourself. It really is a cracker of a car and I’m sure you’re going to love it.

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  1. Really off topic, but nice to see support. In the Dutch TopGear Magazine (so guess only for Dutch buyers, but still…):
    SupportAction Saab
    Potential Saab customers beware! TopGear Magazine is published next Thursday for the 75th time, and that should be celebrated. Therefore, we support an action for the troubled Saab: any individual who as of Thursday, August 18 until the end of 2011 buys or lease a Saab, receives an annual subscription to TopGear Magazine as gift.
      The publishers and founders of TopGear magazine Netherlands (and theirelves former Saab drivers), Roland and Martijn van der Spek, have a warm heart for Saab and Victor Muller. TopGear has previously helped Muller with an action in which each new subscriber received a free Spyker share.
      “It’s terrifying to us that such a great brand is in such heavy weather,” said Roland and Martijn. “Muller is obviously a ‘man with a big mouth’, always full of big plans, but we still believe in it, specially since Chinese have drwan their wallets. At least, yesterday. Or the day before. To push potential Saab drivers in the right direction, we give every new Saab driver an annual subscription. So hopefully we stimulate the Saab sales a bit more with TopGear. The 75th edition shows you how exactly you can sign up for this action. ”
      Sure, it’s just a small gesture, but we do want to stand to the sidelines and watch this process with envy. We also considered to take over Saab, but we rejected that plan when our banker showed us the door, roaring with laughter. So we do it this way. Buy a Saab and you will receive an annual subscription!

  2. I haven’t taken a test ride of the new 9-4X but I have seen one in person and it’s a great looking vehicle.  The interior is quite striking and is similar to my NG9-5.  Ordinarily, I’m not a fan of CUV/SUV but I really like the 9-4X.  I hope that Saab adequately markets the vehicle and that it sells well.  Any owner would be proud and happy to own one. 

    1. If you think you can withstand the temptation, then I’d encourage you to have a drive.  It really is an enjoyable ride.  The first SUV/crossover that’s ever even remotely tempted me. Despite my ample size, I tend to gravitate towards small, tossable cars.  This is the first vehicle to get me thinking about the possibility of relaxing on the road.

      1. Swade, I’ll have to wait until later this fall when my local dealer gets his first 9-4X.  The one I saw was a pre-release version at an auto show in March 2011 and test drives were not allowed.  And yes, I can certainly withdstand the temptation as my wife would divorce me if I came home with another new car, eh?  I hope you decide to pick one up as it would be a nice addition to your Saab collection. 

      2. The wife and I will be submitting our little review to Inside Saab in a few days, they just unwrapped a 9-4x here in San Diego, CA so we were only able to look it over. First impressions? The cockpit is awesome! The Bronze is a great color and the faux wood looks much better than in pictures.

  3. I am a proud owner of the 2011 SAAB 9-4x Premier – AWD.  I do love it – the blind spots are something I need to get used to for this SUV.  Unfortunately I got a crack in the windshield after only having the vehicle for two weeks from a pebble that hit it.  The crack spread across the windshield quickly.  The glass company had a super hard time finding a replacement windshield as this is so new to the market.  I called my SAAB dealership who I bought the car from and they were able to find me a windshield in less than a week after a call was made to Corporate and to Sweden.  I have to bring in the vehicle tomorrow.  I have been a loyal SAAB owner since 1995 and have been waiting for the 9-4x.  I am one of 15 people at the moment that can say that they drive a 9-4x.  Can’t wait to get the SUV back.  I commend SAAB for making the effort to find me a replacement windshield as I was very upset that the vehicle was not even a month old and the windshield was already damaged.