We visited Fjallbacka during the Swedish summer 2011. I’d heard about Fjallbacka only through some books that I’d read by a Swedish author named Camilla Lackberg. It was only an hour or so from Trollhattan, so it made for a nice afternoon trip.

Fjallbacka sounded nice in the books that I’d read, though you never know how that’s going to translate in reality. I didn’t really have any idea what to expect when we got there. As it turns out, the place was beautiful. I could live there, if only I could afford it.

West-coast villages in Sweden are going through the roof now, with a lot of interest coming from wealthy Norwegian oil-money types. The cars in the driveways were evidence enough, let alone all the Norwegian flags on the boats (you’ll see a few in the photos).

Here are a few of the pics from that afternoon.

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