MCY Saab 900 Convertible – by the numbers

After the success of the Viggen ‘by the numbers’ piece I thought it’d be fun to dig up another model of interest from the database and spill it’s global distribution beans here on the website.

The Saab 900 Convertible is an icon on its own, but the icon-within-the-icon is the Monte Carlo Yellow version of the car. It’s the most fun-looking color in the palette, but it still takes a certain strength of character to buy and own this most attention-grabbing and distinctive color.

So how were they distributed around the world?

The #1 market by volume won’t be a surprise, but the #2 market might be. MCY convertibles were sold in quite a few markets, though many of them had small numbers only.

If you’ve got one of these iconic Saab convertibles, then yours is one of just 893 that were ever made over the life of the model. Look after it.

If you don’t have one of these iconic convertibles but would like one, now you know where most of them were sold – which is a good tip as to where you could look to buy one!


  • MCY = Monte Carlo Yellow
  • MY(date) = Model Year
  • Japan had two importers for these cars. I’ve combined the numbers in the table below.
  • My understanding is that MCY Convertibles were sold with different engine outputs in some markets. Yours could be a LPT or a HOT engine depending on where it was sold. I haven’t delved into those numbers here.

Shannons Winter Classic Car Auction 2014

Porsche 924$5,500$7,000$4,750
Volvo P1800 Coupe$12,000$12,000$10,500
Citroen ID 19$17,500$20,000$17,000
Alfa Romeo Spider$12,000$14,000$20,000
Fiat 500 Garidiniera Wagon$17,500$20,000$22,000
Citroen Light 15 Sedan$20,000$25,000$25,700
Rover Mini Cooper ’40′$17,500$20,000$20,500
Jaguar Mk II$29,000$32,000$34,000
Porsche 928S$12,500$15,000$17,500
Porsche 911SC Cabriolet$37,500$40,000$42,500
Alpine A110$105,000$120,000$110,000

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  1. I was in Hong Kong a few times in the 90’s and aside from some stand-out memories of a then-new Ferrari 456 GT and Mercedes 600SL, I *think* I remember seeing exactly this car..!

    Also, I was in Cannes, France last week and what drove by me? A 2011 Saab 9-3 INDEPENDENCE EDITION! I honestly thought I would never see one – even better to see it on the road. Does it belong to anyone here?

  2. It’s a Mythbuster!!  All along I thought that the Monte Carlo Yellow was a 1991-only option.  With numbers like those, one can see why.  However, there were a few in successive years.  Good to know.

    1. It might be because the special edition was released in 1991.  I’m not sure that subsequent years included the ground-effects package that was available on the grey and yellow ‘verts in ’91.

  3. Suggestion for the next compilation table:  1986 (bull-nose) 900 Convertibles.  How many, where and what color?  Conventional wisdom has all 400-ish going to US dealers in silver.  Identically equipped save the transmission configuration – some were auto, some were 5-speed.

  4. How timely. Swade would have loved the several yellow convertibles all lined up in a row at the recent Convention in New Jersey. It was so impressive that they appeared on the Cover of the latest “Nines” magazine.

  5. I am in Hong Kong and am surprised that ours was the second largest market.  Unfortunately it is rare for the classic 900 Convertible to be seen on our roads nowadays.

  6. I was a proud owner of a 5 door 900S 1991 painted in MCY. It was a testpainted car that was assembled in Nystad according to sources at SAAB. There was probably around 5 cars produced for testpainting at that time.

  7. Interesting. There were less black Viggen convertibles for all years in the entire world than there were MCY 900 ‘verts in the States alone, and black was the 2nd most popular color of Vig ‘verts.

  8. I had a mint condition one from March 2003 to 2006…sold it for an ’06 9-3 Aero convertible.  Sometimes, we make major mistakes.  This was the car that got away from me!

  9. Flew in Atlanta to be met by a colleague who had a new Yellow 900 convertable the year was 1992. The run into the city was memorable as every car driver had to have a look at the Guys in the Yellow Peril

  10. OH MY GOSH!!! I want one of these sooooo bad. PLEASE Please tell me how to get one. I have an amazing ’96 9-3 turbo & all of my friends r so jealous as soon as they sit in it. I need this yellow one also. 

  11. MCY made it into the NG900 vert and OG9-3 verts too.  How many of those were built?

    You could almost say that Monte Carlo Yellow was a colour used exclusively by Saab’s former Uusikaupunki Finland plant.  It generally only came on convertibles except for the yellow 3 door and 5 door  Viggens and SE Monte Carlos also built in Finland.  It would be nice to see it’s return on the 9-3’s successor, and hopefully not restricted to just verts.

  12. I don’t see Luxembourg on the list.  As a teenager, I know there were at least three examples in Luxembourg – one of which was owned by my ex-boss.  Are Luxembourg’s numbers included in Belgium’s?

  13. You have to make a distinction between the MCY  “anniversary edition” limited at 300 models, with Turbo high pressure and the choice in manual or automatic gearbox who’s was the first made of MCY. Like mine 😉 n°31
    After for the 593 other product, it was only the color “yellow” available on cab with different type of engine turbo high pressure, turbo low pressure et non-turbo.

    1.  This is interesting! I have no 126 – it’s a UK ’91 edition, of which they only made 25.  So the 300 which were the Anniversary Edition – how were they distributed around the world?  I’m sure I read somewhere that the Anniversary Edition also included a hatchback version in grey, but I may have imagined that…  Driving no 126 around in the late summer UK sun felt great today…!

      1. the grey hatchback coupe was a limited edition make of 70 only, the ” GT AERO ” they call it.
        For the Anniversary MCY of 300, they where fitted with all the options available like electric seats, heated external mirror etc etc
        In fact the name Monte-Carlo was the colour code for that yellow, after the issue of that limited edition, the color was optional for the other variant of convertible fitted with different engine, as I explain in my message above

        1. Excluding the 299 models in the US, that leaves 164 ’91 MCY convertibles across the rest of the world.  Does that mean 136 Anniversary Edition models were issued which were not MCY convertibles?

          1. no, the MCY “anniversary edition” was limited at 300 models but not for US market and not only made in 91 but in 92 too with the aero body kit fitted, the one in USA didn’t have the kit, it just had the Yellow color

          2. Ah – that makes sense. Thanks for this info Pascal, really interesting – I’ve always wondered exactly what that Anniversary Edition medal meant.  Your English is far better than my French!!