NMA Road Test the Saab 9-5

Remember a time when we used to talk about Saab Cars?

I’m in the middle of a big series of posts right now, but I just received a reference to this road test from a friend in the US. I figured it’d be good to post it straight away.

I first drove a Saab 9-5 mule in 2009 and right then and there I knew that the 4-cyl version of the car was going to be an absolute ball to drive. That’s the model in this test from the National Motorists Association in the US.

It’s a comprehensive review, written by Eric Peters.

Here are a few of my favourite quotes. What you need to do, though, is read the review for yourself.

So many new cars are lifeless, personality-free appliances that it’s a real treat for someone like me (and maybe someone like you, too) to find one with a pulse.

….the 2.0 liter is a strong performer when called upon that also delivers not-bad gas mileage for a mid-sized performance sedan: 20 city and 33 highway. It’s also 10 hp stronger than the 2012 Audi A6′s base engine and competitive with the $7k more expensive-to-start BMW 528i’s 240 hp six.

Owning a Saab is not unlike owning a Ferrari or other rare exotic. You will receive looks and attention — and everyone will know, “hey there goes Fred.” Do not use the Saab to make a furtive midnight rendezvous with your money-launderer or girlfriend-on-the-side.

Rent a Camry.

As I said, it’s very enjoyable reading.

You can read the full Saab 9-5 review over at the NMA blog.

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  1. Nice review of the 9-5.  It’s great to just talk about cars again and forget the legal and economic aspects of the business.

  2. Fantastic review, at least some journalists still get what Saab is about without putting the brand down. Hopefully, he can review the Saab 9-4X at a later time.

  3. Nice reading! 🙂   Sums up some (not all) of the good arguments why Saab HAS to survive!
    Cars with personality and integrity are so very rare!
    I have seen quite a few of the new 9-5s recently in Copenhagen, and while I normally dont like cars that huge, I must say that this car appears so superior to all its competitors; Clean, unique, elegant, sophisticated – but not overdone or vulgar.

    1. You got it.  The new 9-5 is absolutely an elegant car.  It is so beautiful and special, every time I get in, I feel like I’m in a piece of the Aero X concept.  It is a really extraordinary looking and running automobile.

      Lets make some more SAABs!

  4. Re; You will receive looks and attention — and everyone will know

    This is not a new thing, way back in 1987, my then new 9000SE, with airflow bodykit, in a stunning metallic Gold, was the same.
    I could not be anywhere, where i shouldn’t be, as I soon found out, someone had seen me……..

    The Best was my weekly ‘fast’ run home 10pm every Sunday night from my Mum’s home.  The local police, would wait for me  at the start of the A406 (new [then] dial carriageway, just south of the M25/M11, east of London, UK). I was ‘pulled over’ for weeks, just so the coppers could ask to sit inside & have a good look round it…..

    Oh for those hreat days, but hey that’s what the new 9-5 is all about…..

  5. “So many new cars are lifeless, personality-free appliances that it’s a
    real treat for someone like me (and maybe someone like you, too) to find
    one with a pulse.”

    That’s exactly it!

  6. Great article and coming from an American just the sort of publicity Saab needs. Yes, Saabs are not for everyone but then neither are BMWs (drug dealers), Audi (Retired executives playing golf) or Mercedes (African dictators and EU bureaucrats). You buy a Saab because you want to be a bit different and not part of the herd, probably the same reason I have an Anrdoid phone and not an iPhone, and the NMA article captures that perfectly and lets face it, when he criticises some of the interior bits so what?, we can all find things we don’t like. If he’d been criticising the engine or the panel fit or the dynamics of the vehicle then that would have been a problem. It’s the sort of article that a european motoring journalist should be writing, but they’re all so busy writing Saab off that we have to rely on our friends across the pond to do it for them. More power to his pen!!

  7. I agree with you Swade. I read it the other day. This guy is spot on! And with humour. It’s not only because he is very positive about the Saab 9-5, that I like this review, though it indeed helps. 😛 Above all, he is fair.