Reorganisation application rejected by Swedish court

If you haven’t heard already, our application for reorganisation has been denied by the district court in Vanersborg.

This has just happened, 20 minutes ago, so I can’t provide any reaction as yet, nor forecast any future happenings.

We’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Looks pretty bad now. šŸ™ At least the papers got there wish thru. I wonder what company they will attack when SAAB is gone.

  2. Saab can appeal to the appeal’s court. But in the interim Saab would not have the bankruptcy protection reconstruction would have provided.

  3. A terrible decision šŸ™ I feel sick to my stomach about all of this.. . . Please, can Saab make it out of this and finally become the profitable and succesfull company it can and should have been a long time ago !! The products are there, the great people who work at Saab are there, we the entutiasts are there, but somehow money is missing for the short term survival.

    If it would to fall aport now it would all just be such a waste. ..

  4. Hello!!

    what can we doĀ now!Ā weĀ have toĀ someĀ district courtĀ that we can becomeĀ a leader!
    Hope theyĀ haveĀ a good planĀ forĀ itĀ ….
    SoĀ that we can getĀ production goingĀ and to build trustĀ again!

    Bankruptcy isĀ not an option

    DearĀ freend’s


  5. So sad! šŸ™ Ā  Ā  Ā  I really really hope there will be a solution for Saabs survival anyway. So many other car-makers are producing totally uninteresting, uninspired and ugly cars. The auto-industry, the auto-market and the roads will all be uglier and less pleasant places without Saab…
    Saab; keep on fighting !

  6. Steven,
    This is unfortunate, but not unexpected.The uncertainty of the Pangda/Youngman money is the biggest problem & I can understand this alone would make the Court’s decision a forgone conclusion.If Saab is to appeal, whilst still no certainty, it needs a ‘solid’ provision for finance & without this, unfortunately will fail also.Plan ..>>, Short of someone coming up with 300 millionĀ ā‚¬, to now allow virtually full payment of ‘overdues’ + production start up cost, I sadly cannot see a way forward…