Video Series: A History of Saab

Bookmark this page. You’re going to want to come back to it, trust me.

The following video series was posted on Youtube a few days ago. Whilst it’s called “Saab History 1946-2006” it seems to cover the earliest days, then skip forward directly to the development of the Saab 900.

I’m pretty sure that this is a production sponsored by Saab a few years ago. In fact, I’m sure I have a copy of it on VHS tape and purchased from the Saab Museum back in 2007. So if you feel like you’ve seen it before, you might have this tape gathering dust somewhere in your living room, too.

Regardless, it’s a good series to watch. There is a lot of footage that you most likely haven’t seen before, as well as photographs and illustrations that are quite rare.

There are 12 episodes, between 5 and 10 minutes in length, which is why you should bookmark the page. Episode 9 appears to be missing at the moment, but that shouldn’t detract from your enjoyment. Watch one, then come back and watch another. The development of the Saab 9000 is quite comprehensive, for example, and will warrant a few viewings simply so you can appreciate all that goes into vehicle development.



Part 1 – Saab’s beginnings as an automotive manufacturer.


Part 2 – Saab 900 development and evolution


Saab 900 Convertible development


Part 4 – Saab 9000 development


Part 5 – Saab NG900 development


Part 6 – Saab 9-5 Sedan development


Part 7 – Saab 9-5 SportCombi development


Part 8 – Saab 9-3 hatch development


Part 9 appears to be missing from the playlist.


Part 10 – Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan development


Part 11 – Saab 9-3 SportCombi


Part 12 – a bonus section showing the Saab “Monster”

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  1. Fantastic Videos!
    Keep them coming, I believe it is important to remind everyone about the rich heritage and history Saab has, in these interesting times…
    Watching these I remember our neighbor’s blue smoking 2-stroke 93 (I thought it ran on oil as they always topped the oil up at home), another neighbor’s Sonett, my uncle’s free wheeling 96, that I wanted my parents to get the ultra cool 1979 96 jubilee model, their -78 99GL, -79 900GLs (dual Solex carburetors and air filter), my own -96 900SE coupe, my friends’ -9000 Aeros (with funny seats, huge trunk and great torque)….
    Yes, the list is long, so…
    Long Live Saab!!!

  2. Wonderful stuff!  Is there more on the 93,95,96,99….I hope.  Maybe in upcoming clips.  Where have these been hiding???

  3. Interesting to see the black a-pillar on the OG9-5 model in part 6.

    It didnt come all the way to production then, but it did in the NG9-5.

  4. Hi Swade,

    Thanks for this – I especially loved part 4 on the 9000.  Amazing to think that the 9000 was introduced to the press in 1984 (!!!).  My father purchased a 9000 T-16 fully loaded at the end of 1987, and I remember feeling as a 12 year old boy as if an alien spaceship had landed in our driveway (as that car was so different from anything on the road at the time).  I remember inspecting it inside and out with the neighborhood kids who were just as car crazy as I, and the consensus being that it was cooler than their parents’ Audis, BMWs and Mercedes (I grew up in Luxembourg, so expensive cars were common). I remember reading the press on the last version of the 9000 in 1997 when it went out of production, and the press still hailed it as an amazing car 13 years on.

    Most SAAB fans are most fanatical about the 900, which is understandable (my first car was a 1981 four door 900 – there is a magic about them).  That said, although the 900 is the most endearing of Saab’s car offering, the 9000 was by far Saab’s biggest achievement as an automotive manufacturer. 

    Thank you!

    Ed K.