I want my Saab!

This hurts, but it also puts a smile on your face.

One of our dealers in Holland, Jaap T, sent this to me earlier today. He has a wonderful repeat client, one who even extended his lease in the hope of acquiring a new Saab 9-5 SportCombi. It hurts us to know that we haven’t been able to build it for him.

With his lease already extended once, he recently bit the bullet and acquired a vehicle from another brand, though his wife was still missing the Saab quite a lot and decided to take some small cosmetic matters into her own hands as a reminder of what mattered most…..


We have the best customers!

I can’t say how much it hurts that we’re keeping them waiting.

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    1. Is it a Volvo? What kind of Volvo? I think it looks ugly inside. Please give us new SAABs! 🙂

  1. had a “similar” experience…..BUT stayed on track. Ordered a brand new 9-3x AWD beginning of April, 3 days before you-know-what desaster. Extended the leasing contract (expired 29/7) hoping for you-know-what. 2 weeks ago I had to cancel the order BUT instead of swapping to an alternative: got a demo-car from existing stock and I AM VERY HAPPY WITH MY NEW 9-3X  turbo4 AWD 210hp+++. Even keeps my wife happy :-)))) in between, waiting for next possibility to order again!/ Magnus – Austria

    1. You Austrian Saabers keep impressing me Magnus.

      I drove through this summer, and a gentleman in a 9000 helped me navigate a bit faster (he pushed other cars into the right lane for me). Much appreciated. Seems like a wonderful country to drive Saabs!

      Good choice on that 9-3X!

  2. Exactly same experience here.  Ordered the 9-5 Sport-Combi AFTER the production stop started.  Meanwhile my lease of my MY07 9-5 Estate is 15k km over its limit.  I’ve been able to fight off a cancellation of the order but it’s getting really difficult now.  What’s worse, is that I fear that I’ll have to give in the negative advise my fleet manager gave me when I ordered.  I really would like to prove her wrong.  So I -among many others- do hope the re-start is announced soon now, even though this great day will be weeks away.  That way, the extra time to “bridge” becomes easier to cope with, no?

  3. Still waiting for my Independece Edition 9-3 to be built but I’m picking up a 2002 Viggen convertible next weekend to hold me over until it does.  My wife thinks I’ll be selling the the old convertible when the new one gets built. Such a silly girl.

  4. And it hurts to read the news that the Youngman hasn’t paid the money yet to make it possible for Saab to pay the salaries, how is the situation now??

  5. Such a missed opportunity, that dash in the new S60/V60. The V60 has a very well designed flank and back, the nose is however not good and the dashboard is hideous. Such a step backwards compared to the dash in the old S60 and even the frivolous dash in the S40-series.

  6. Only frustrations and frustrations again and again . I fed up to cross the road of brand new audi

  7. The speedometer, indeed the speedometer of the 9-4X, is similar to the picture in that the indicator (needle) is short.  This is to accommodate the LED display in the center of the dial.

    The problem with this design is that it was probably designed by a young man or woman.  Older people have worse eyesight of near objects.  A long orange needle (indicator) is helpful for one to see the position of the dial, rather than have to focus on the number (20, 40, 60, etc.).

    I hope Jason Castriota gets older quickly so that he will see the benefits of the old style speedometer (like the classic 900, 9-3, etc) and not have this short and silly speedometer design.

    Cars have mostly gotten better but the loss of manual intermittant wipers (which has a steady pace rather than an irritating and irregular pace with automatic wipers), loss of body side moldings, and the bad speedometer designs are bad trends.