What our design chief did in his previous job….

I saw this earlier today and just had to share…..

Our design chief, Jason Castriota, has done some very cool things in the past. This very exclusive, one-off Lancia Stratos is one of them. Yes, this car was done by the same guy who’s leading the design team working on your future Saab 9-3 replacement.

Doesn’t that get you just a little bit excited?

I know it might seem a little unusual to be talking about a Lancia here, but I guess you could say this is more a post about passion.

If there’s one thing I hear consistently from Saab fans around the world it’s that many of them feel the cars lost some of their individuality – things that people can get passionate about – in recent times.

Saab is a small company and we have to be passionate about what we do in order to keep on moving. We also need to build vehicles that you can get passionate about as a customer, in order to keep you interested in what we do.

If you know anything about our Chairman, you’ll know that he’s passionate about this company. I guess that’s why he wanted to get Jason Castriota involved as soon as the two met a few years ago.

This Lancia Stratos was a one-off project, but it met with universal praise and pleas for the Fiat group to seek mass production of the design. Such is the passion that evocative design can inspire in people.

We’re looking forward to the future to see what sort of magic Jason and the Saab design team have come up with for the Saab 9-3 replacement

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  1. Any idea when we might get our first glimpse of the new 9-3? (A rough, ballpark, vague, ill-defined, give-or-take-three-months answer would be perfectly acceptable.) And subsequently when Saab hopes to see it on sale?

    1. Lips are sealed on previews, I’m afraid.  It was initially due for release in around 12 months from now, but that has been pushed back due to this years’ happenings.  We want to get it out as soon as possible, of course.

  2. That is a beautiful car. Jason has done some amazing things. I can totally see some of his designs surpassing the classics–and I’m a HUGE fan of the classics. I hope he gets to show off his talent in some production car. I’m very excited to see what he has planned, especially for a new small, sporty Saab design.

  3. Not convinced, sorry to say so. Many people like Castriota’s designs, but to me, it always has too many superfluous shapes to it. Chris Bangle seems to have dubbed this “surface entertainmaint”. In this case, the design is very close to the original Stratos, but even here, I would prefer the old one. Maybe the sharp edges on the main surfaces are a bit to harsh for me. It is certainly not the edgy design as such. E.g., I really liked the Aston Martin Lagonda.

    After having done a lot of thinking, I believe that one problem I have (not only with Castriota, but also with numerous other recent designs) is the portion of concave surfaces. To me, this looks as if such car was somehow ill, like suffering from tuberculosis. Just not smooth enough for me, not “liquid” enough.
    There is one exception though. This is the Birdcage 75th, a “Castriota-influenced design” I like. I have however no idea how influential Castrio really was on that design.

    It could also have to do with his US background. Theoretically, he would be a perfect mixture of Italian and US, for an international company like Saab. In practice, I believe, the American often prevails. E.g., the bonets on lots of his designs, including the Phoenix, have humps reminding of muscle car modifications that might have been neccessary in a past long gone (to accomodate the bigger double carburators), but now only look retro, and not at all Saabish).

  4. Nice car. The most striking details to me is that it certainly stands out as individual, which love or hate, I think Jason’s designs, at least the limited of what I’ve seen, are certainly not ignorable. 

  5. I like Jason’s work  , Mr. Enval was also wonderful in his work in bringing us the Areo and a host of other designs . I’d like to see a small history of all of SAAB’s past designers. mabey you could help out on that  Steven ?  Thanks Dave

  6. Olá! Alguns carros da Saab tem desing atraente do lado externo, mas o desing interno do veículo esta muito ultrapassado. Não esta na hora de a Saab deixar um pouco o conservador de lado, e investir mais neste requisito desing arrojados.