Bay Horse Saab (GB) giving iPads with Approved Used Saabs

Bay Horse Saab, in north-west England, are having an Autumn Sale during November, where they’re offering Approved Used Saabs at great prices, along with the following:

  • Two years’ free servicing
  • A free 16GB iPad (WiFi)

Saab GB’s Approved Used Saab program is available at dealerships all over Great Britain. The program is tailored to make sure you get the best used car experience possible. All vehicles are checked and guaranteed prior to being included in the Approved Used program.

  • Saab multi-point check including vehicle mileage and history
  • 12-month dealer guarantee, not just a warranty
  • 12-month brake, battery and clutch cover on vehicles under 24 months
  • MOT Test guarantee*
  • 30-day exchange option
  • 12 months’ Saab AA Assistance

Click through to check out Bay Horse Saab’s used vehicle inventory.

My personal favourite is the 2008 Aero 2.0T for just £10,000 – bargain! That car, the Saab Approved assurance, plus 2 years free service AND the 16GB iPad sounds like a pretty good package.

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  1. Of course it’s a bargain. That’s because the values of used SAABs have fallen through the floor with traders, even SAAB dealers, offering silly prices because of all the uncertainty. So, for every punter getting a bargain there a lot of owners of what were new SAABs staring at huge losses. Three cheers for them making these deals possible.

    1. This is the unfortunate truth. As someone who traded in his 2007 9-3 earlier this year, and watched the dealer then price it like a 2007 Honda Civic, it’s hard for me to see the positive in a bunch of dealers dumping their unwanted Saabs this way. Same with the Ohio based Snap a Saab -competition. Desperate measures.

    2. Gents, I must apologise for not thinking enough in terms of your local perspective on this before wording this article.  My mistake.  It was definitely not an attempt to ‘glory’ in any erosion of the brand’s value.  I was merely trying to help a dealer with his business as he makes an effort.

      As an Australian, I’ve always found GB prices for used vehicles to be remarkably low, hence my ‘bargain’ comment in the article.  A similar car to that Aero here in Australia is selling right now for almost double this price (lower mileage, but still…).

      In defence of Saab of North Olmsted, the Snap Up a Saab competition is far from being a desperate measure.  It’s an innovative and progressive campaign that signifies a major investment on part of the dealership.  That it’s happening at a desperate time in Saab’s history shouldn’t tarnish one’s view of what they’re doing there.

      1. Still, that’s one hundred new cars put out on the streets for a month. Rather than sold to eager customers in the showroom. How many of the contestants are simply taking advantage of a free ride? I’m not sure this kind of initiative could take place in a dealership whose products are in demand. Again, the Saabs in question seem to be offered at 20 percent off by the end of the month. Somebody in Ohio must be mighty worried about a looming firesale. I’m sorry but that’s how it spells out to me. Needs must etc.

        1. Seems you’ve made up your mind, so we’ll have to agree to disagree.  But bear in mind the enormous cost that the dealer has borne himself to run this promotion, which wasn’t planned yesterday.  It’s had a long lead-period to build the website, the stock, etc.  You don’t invest that kind of money for a firesale proposition.  It’s an investment in your business for the future.

          How many are taking advantage of a free ride?  Well, how many people flick past an ad in a magazine, or newspaper, or walk out of the room during a TV commercial?  All marketing and advertising ventures take a scattergun approach to some degree, despite their targetting.  This, at the very least, is getting people and their friends inside the cars and that’s much more likely to stick, even if they have false motives before they begin.

          I can understand the doubt given the circumstances Saab is in, but this is a great promotion and I’m quite sure there are better resourced brands that have done as big or a bigger sales event.

          1. It’s not a great promotion when the dealers have nothing to replace them with; remember, there hasn’t been a Saab made in months.  These dealers are going on to other cars…that’s the sad reality.

          2. I haven’t made up my mind, but I’m not adopting your stance either. That fleet in Ohio has been there for six months and hasn’t moved. No matter what one thinks of the uncertainty regarding Saab’s future, what is actual reality in two months time is the change of year, and the depreciation of the value of those vehicles overnight. It’s a good idea to sell them before that, obviously there are few takers. Should Saab go belly up, it gets even worse. Say what you will, Snap up a Saab is borne between a rock and a hard place, and prospective buyers will smell it. Soon there will be lots of bargain Saabs on offer in Ohio, perhaps pleasing those who like their premium cars at the price of a Civic, but that is again eating the brand value. Damned if you do etc, but this is the downside of an otherwise commendable promotion.

      2. Steve, I think the Snap Up a SAAB campaign is a very innovative way of interesting people in the brand and I wish them all possible success. I only wish SAAB GB were as active or innovative. It is really sad to see what’s happening over here with beautiful cars being sold off for peanuts. When all of this is over, SAAB need to get some clever people thinking of other ways to promote the brand and rebuild values than dumping to fleets, pre-registering loads of cars or irrelevant sponsorship deals (Power Golf at Celtic Manor, for goodness sake).

  2. I hate Saab because I owned a Saab and Aasttia I find spare parts in Lebanon and no one can fix it was searched for spare parts via SAP did not find any spare parts

  3. I don’t like this idea at all.  My dealer, who has sold Saabs since the beginning and never sold anything else, is offering them at ridiculous prices.  I can’t get parts now, I don’t see this as wonderful – buy it and then what?  Worse than that, since there are no new Saabs – what he he going to replace them with?   My friend says her BMW is more trouble than her ex-husband; my other friend said she got rid of a husband who was less trouble than her Lexis – come on guys – let’s get Saab back in the game!