Riding in a Koenigsegg CCX

I first met Christian von Koenigsegg in 2009 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. I was invited to the show as a guest of Saab Automobile, the company I covered on my website, Saabs United.

Christian was the face of a group that were negotiating the purchase of Saab from General Motors. The show at Frankfurt was an important one because it saw the launch of the new Saab 9-5, an essential new model that would underpin the brand’s renaissance under its new owner.

Sadly, the Koenigsegg Group pulled out of negotiations because the process was dragging on and their business plan called for a much quicker handover. Their exit was the kick in the pants that some of the parties to the process needed and the subsequent purchase by Spyker was handled much more efficiently.

I got to visit Sweden again in mid-2010, this time with my wife. We planned a driving holiday around the country and in an act of only slight sneakiness, I set one of our overnight stays not far from Ängelholm, where Koenigsegg’s HQ is located.

What followed was an afternoon I’ll never forget. The icing on the cake was a trip down to Keonigsegg’s own airfield for the drive of a lifetime.

The following is a brief excerpt from that session. Unfortunately the camera ran out of tape part-way through and I don’t have any film of my own turn at the wheel. I can say, hand on heart, that it was the most stupendous driving experience I’ve ever had (and I’ve had more than one).

There’s a longer film, featuring a more leisurely drive and conversation, here.

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