Who’s got the oldest original-owner Saab?

I talked to a wonderful elderly lady here in Australia earlier today and the conversation got me thinking.

She has a 1975 Saab 99GL CombiCoupe that she picked up brand new in Gothenburg before eventually bringing the car here to Australia. It’s quite a fascinating story, one that I hope to bring in more detail in a few weeks from now.

The story did get me wondering, however….

Who’s got the oldest Saab purchased from new? Who’s got the longest term, one-owner Saab out there that’s still running?

There’s a lady in South Australia who can prove she’s the original owner of a car in wonderful condition, one that was first purchased by her 36 years ago.

Anyone got an advance on that? I’m sure you’re out there somewhere. It’d be fun to track down who’s got the record so please get in touch and let me know.

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  1. Hello Steve,
    I have to dig into the archives of our magazine saabberichten but there’s a Saab 93 or 96 bullnose who has had one owner for the last ~50 years

  2. There is a guy not far from me who imported his 1964 (I believe) 96 2-stroke from Holland … he bought it brand new, moved it to Canada in the late 60’s and has owned it since day one.  Unfortunately, he is not active in the Saab communities.

  3. I have numerous clients who bought their 96es brand new, first one comes to mind is a retired college professor in Santa Barbara, CA with his ’71. The former SAAB dealer near here still has a myriad of 95s and 96es that were company cars and never left the family, to include the only other known survivor ’71 96V4 Baja, he also has the ’69 Sonett V4 that convinced them to be SAAB dealers that his late sister bought new. Another friend, Jari, near Helsinki, Finland has the pristine ’73 or ’74 96 his father bought new. Speaking of Finland, I’m reasonably sure that Simo Lampiinen retains a few cars that he raced from new. And while he didn’t buy it off the showroom floor, Paul Perry in CA has a 60 93F he’s had since 1965. Those are just a few off the top of my head.