Dutch review – Saab 9-4x

All you Mad Dutchies (c) might want to check out these links relating to the Saab 9-4x.

The Saab 9-4x was in Holland recently and Luxity magazine enlisted the services of lady racer, Sheila Verschuur, to take it for a spin. The result is a combination text/video review that I know absolutely nothing about as I don’t understand Dutch 🙂

You can read the story here: Saab 9-4x in Luxity.

There’s also a video, in Dutch, that you can watch below (and if the embed doesn’t work, try here).

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    1. ‘nothing but credits’? i heard some drawbacks: no Diesel, CO2-emission 250+gr/km, fuel consumption 1:8…

      to me it seemed a bit of a amateuristic review.

      1. True, but bear in mind that the 9.4x is mainly targetted at the American market.
        The discussion of a no diesel is an old one. Makes life for the car in Europe a lot more difficult. Was a choice at that time, could change with new funds.

        Review is done by a regional newspaper. One should adjust expectations accordingly 😉

  1. 90K Euro is about US$ 117K! Together with the thirsty V6, it’ll probably be a very rare vehicle in the Netherlands.  Interesting video and nice to see the 9-4X on Dutch roads.