News: Payment transferred

News from the front office in Trollhattan:

Saab confirms that the first payment of the funding, which was promised by Youngman, now has been transferred to Saab’s account. The efforts to secure the remaining funding, needed to pay salaries and continue the voluntary reorganization, continue and the work is moving progressively forward.

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  1. great news, thank you! more of them the next hours/days will guarantee a perfect christmas for all at saab and for all saab enthusiasts!

  2. Great news, but is this the same 3,4 million euros which went up sideways into Lofalk last week, in other words were the money transferred from Swan’s account to Saab or is this new money from China?

  3. While this is definately good news, isn’t $5 million a little paltry given the extent of Saab’s outstanding debts? I am eagerly awaiting teasers for a new 9-3 to possibly replace my ’08, but there is a long way yet to go to breath easy. 🙁