Saab Museum Saved – it’s nice to get some good news for a change

I wrote this morning that I was feeling reassured about the future of the Saab Museum and I’m pleased to see those feelings have been vindicated. I was at O’Learys a few hours ago when word came through that the Saab Museum has been saved.

A consortium consisting of the Trollhattan Municipality, supported by Saab AB and the Wallenburg Foundation have won the day, securing the museum’s future and providing some small relief for the thousands of Saab fans who were worried about the museum’s collection being broken up.

This is a fantastic outcome, aligning Saab’s history with the city and the entities that shaped it over so many years. I truly believe it’s the best possible outcome we could have wished for.

The next steps I’d love to see:

  • Peter Backstrom and Ola Bolander secured to run the museum’s daily operations, as before.
  • A subscription model to enable friends of the museum to support it on an ongoing basis.
  • Maybe even an adopt-a-car scheme for people to assist with ongoing maintenance and care.
  • A great website for the museum to take it outside the city of Trollhattan. It’s crazy that the best known saab museum website was put together by an English enthusiast (G’day John!) independent of the museum itself.

I hope the museum collection is never vulnerable, ever again.

Link: The Saab Museum fleet that was up for sale.

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  1. Good to hear that the proud and innovative history of SAAB will stay intact. Even better that the museum will be still located at the birthplace of SAAB.

    Swade, maybe you will even have a celebratory beer to celebrate the saving of the museum?

    Good day for all mate!

    1. No beer for me, DJ. You cured me of that back in 2004 with that thumbnail if Hoegaarten during the grand final!! I did have a celebratory scotch, however 🙂

  2. That’s the best news! We would love to support the museum in that way & adopt a SAAB to help keep the funds flowing & keep the museum safe for the future! Great idea!

  3. I’m in such a good mood b/c of this that I can’t sleep… Let’s hope that your predictions will come true…

  4. Great news from Sweden! As a longtime Saab-ophile, and several time visitor to the Saab Car Museum, I am ecstatic that the museum will remain in Trollhattan. Hoping that Peter Backstrom will remain in charge as well.

    1. Good to see you Tim , glad your intrest in SAAB cars is still in tack , Dick Grossman whould be proud , as whould ” Uncle Bob ” . Steven just tell me where to wright the donation check to help the museum , and it’ll be done
      Thanks , Dave

  5. Swade Glad all is improving, thanks for all your articles The last time we met was at the SOC National 2011, we are friends of Mike & Hilary and were in the folding caravan 2 or 3 from them
    For Museum photos you need to look at my husband Keith’s Flickr Museum collection (as cabsaab900) Several journalists etc. asked to use his pics of the Museum from 1988 to 2009 last week when the news of the sale broke He had 36,000 hits in one day!

  6. I’ll take a scotch on it as well!

    Does this mean the award won’t come back to Australia after all?

  7. Wooohaaa!!!

    I’m so Happy I didn’t get to be the owner of the 9-X BHC!!!!

    Happy, happy, happy! Joy, joy, joy!!!!!


  8. Very good news. Thankyou to everyone who worked to ensure this part of the Saab legacy wasn’t lost to history. Great to see the city and the Wallenbergs coming together to support Saab – even if its in pretty dire circumstances. Relief.

  9. Well, you can put me on the list of supporters/subscribers. As for a website, that can be arranged

  10. Great news! Would happily subscribe to a Friends of the Saab Museum. Still regret not joining you, Dan, Jeff and co in 2007.

  11. So, Swade, are you still now going to take your SU award with you to send back to the museum once the dust settles…..or you just going to leave it there with the car collection?

    1. Oops, forgot to ask….how do I get the generic avatar switched out on the posts to something interesting? (I guess it does not share the same one I use for the WordPress login at SU and that I used at insidesaab.)

      1. @ Maanders — register at with the same e-mail address as you use here. It’s free. Upload an avatar there, and it should automatically show here and on any other website hooked up to their service.

  12. Great news indeed! 🙂

    Swade, I think your “adopt-a-car” idea has a lot of merit. Good stuff, mate! But let’s hope that at the end of the day, a buyer for the whole company will adopt the whole museum.

    1. That BLS… It Is part of Saab’s history as owned by the General and therefore has a place in the museum. Is it something to be proud of? No. It’s a reminder of GM’s, maybe Bob Lutz’s, total lack of heart for Saab. Saab had to carry the cost for a car that Every journalist in Europe and Every Saab enthusiast around the world Knew would fail. Not because of the build quality (really good), not because of it being a Caddy having turbo’s and even a diesel option (wonderful engines)… No because eventhough it being a solid and darn good car it was still a… Caddy. And you that are American by now know that Cadillac and Europe is like Cookingoil and water… It just doesn’t mix. Every other make from the US (Buick I’m not so sure about) would do fine in Europe… But Not Cadillac. Cadillac it the “Merc” of GM and that’s why GM wants Cadillac to do well in Europe… It only showa how Extremely Off GM was in looking at Saab. Having the BLS at the museum is a great reminder for a new owner how Not to treat Saab.