Top Gear on this week’s show (eventually)

9-5 and 99 Top Gear

Wonderful ponderance of a button that has stumped more than one 99 owner over the years…..


PLUS……. from the Saab Owners Club GB:

Earlier this week and at the last minute I was contacted by the Top Gear producers to ask me if it was possible to attend the studio filming along with my car and one other.

We managed to pull it off and got the two cars in time for rehearsals and the main filming session:

You can read more at the link above.

With thanks to Mike P.

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  1. I could not get the embedded to play here (in the US), but going over to the Saab Owners Club GB page, it played fine there.

    Got to say, those three guys are fun! (Loved the comment about the yellow Merc….”Winnie the Pooh with road rage”! 🙂 )

  2. Any idea where we can get this in the U.S.?

    BBC America only seems to be showing older seasons, and iTunes only has up through series 17.

    1. If you’re feeling ethical, you might have to wait until it’s shown live in the US (though I’m sure someone will get it on to Youtube before then).

      If you’re feeling unethical, the try the IP masking and Final Gear links in the previous story……

    1. Knowing the history behind it, I think it was quite funny. This is a button you’re only likely to find in a Saab.

      The real meaning is “extrautrustning” / “extra equipment”, which was a button Saab sold seperately to DIYers that wanted to add things on their own were the fog light symbol would be out of place (the other available extra legend). This was in the 60:s when most manufacturers were holding on hard to all kinds of documentation on the cars, and Saab was as far as I remember the only car company were allowing anybody from the street to buy the full service manual. In the 60:s, designing, manufacturing and stocking that button wasn’t for free, so the legend had to be selected carefully, as a legend was neccessary to separate it from a blank panel. The fact that the text EXTRA worked in several languages was certainly a factor. The legend was available for the og900 and 9000 as well.

  3. Well, I enjoyed that. It was never going to be a straightforward praise for Saab, but, by Top Gear standards, that was pretty good, especially the 99 Turbo and safety part.

    The black 9000 was almost identical to the one my father bought in 1993 – was great to see it again! I’m glad they highlighted the changes that Saab made to the GM sourced parts over the last two decades.

    Was quiet a sad piece. When the credits rolled, my father, brother and myself merely stared at the tv, reflecting upon that sad end.

  4. It wasn’t bad.

    More fair than I expected.

    They still can’t seem to help themselves from poking fun here and there though.