I used to work just below the B

Saab Factory

Seen on The Local and recorded here for posterity.

See the row of darkened windows on the top floor? I used to work one floor below those, around where the “B” is on the Saab sign, on the roof.


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  1. Get your chin up mate.

    Keep doing what you are doing. Like being bighearted, an excellent chronicler and Enthusiastic. You know Steven, that landed you a job with Saab and with the right New owner of our beloved Saab, you might just sit under that B again… But for a loooong time.

    Believe in yourself, we doo.


      1. Well for You, for us, for Trollhattan and for the sake of the automotive world, I hope that a suitor to your liking gets to buy and run/evolve the company so that we all can be blessed with new Saabs, a different agenda of posts and comments (happy ones with loads of spypics 🙂 ) and that You both Jeroen and Steven get your jobs back.

        Today I feel a wee bit happier. The reciever say that all suitors want to produce Saabs in THN and that bids and businessplans are in and reviewed. It’s not long until Saab has a new owner. Lets hope it’s not about an All electric lineup and that the owner takes good care of their investment.


        1. That is encouraging, but at least one supposed suitor wants to build all EV cars and I just do not think that has a viable short term future….and I do not want to see this whole process revisited in 18 months.

  2. Tragic, all around.

    Thank you for all that do- and keep it coming. Your blogs are always a welcomed sight.

  3. Hi Swade …. understand the sadness … but maybe there will be an opportunity for you soon ….

    what about paying a visit next July? Maybe the big SAAB Festival of the second resurgence?!

  4. Chin up Swade. When it comes to writing the history of this great car maker your name will be mentioned as the guy who helped mobilise the movement to save Saab from GMs deathgrip.

    I salute you.

  5. So, is it better to have worked at Saab and left, or to never have worked there at all?

    I think I know the answer.

    Just a thought.

  6. There are lights lit up on the top floor. Maybe they’re just saving power until you and others show up again, Steve.

  7. Yeah, Swade, I know that sigh well. I hear it, myself, every time I pass the old Marsh Hill Rd. US HQ on I-95 and see “Southern Connecticut Gas” where “SAAB and Scania” proudly stood for so many years! I remember, well, standing in that parking lot amazed that after years as a SAAB mechanic and enthusiast, there I was with the keys to the castle in my pocket, so to speak…. the pinnicle of my career….But it didn’t last long! For most of us who worked there,this week marks 20 years ago that GM laid 400 or so of us off and took it all to Georgia. Such a great crew of folks who went their separate ways but with a comeraderie that lives on to this day. This summer we will again gather the tribe to celebrate great friendships, good times, and say a little prayer on behalf of a little car company that treated us all so well! I’m sure more than a few of them know your name and would like, as I would, to thank you for all your hard work in spreading the awareness that eventually pulled that little car company free. I’m sure, too, that, like SAAB, a man of your abilities will surely find a way for your talents to thrive!