Welcome to the world, Henry Andrew (Magic) Johnson

Magic Johnson

My brand new Great Nephew.

Henry Andrew (Magic) Johnson. Born around 8 hours ago in Melbourne.


I hate to burst your bubble but triple-double trouble is coming to your town and he’s going to make rubble!

Welcome to the world, little man.

And well done Mum and Dad. Enjoy a few day’s rest.

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  1. Congratulations Great Uncle Swadie. Hope all are well. How’s Grandma/Nanna?

    1. I’m sure Nanna is over the moon, even if she wanted another pink one rather than a blue one. Haven’t heard from her yet. Steve will be smiling from ear to ear, though. A little bulldog to kick the footy with.

      In true Gen-Y style, we heard about the birth on Facebook 🙂

  2. Gotta say I’m overjoyed at the name Henry. It’s my favourite boys name of all time, what I’d call a son if I had one. I had no idea they were even considering it, but am so happy they did.

    1. Congratulations to all!

      Kind of looks like he might have a future as a footballer some day (Aussie footie, of course). 🙂

  3. Congratulations Great Uncle Swade. Lets hope you have enough influence to convince him in about 18 years that owning a Saab is the way to go.