Jokers and idiots everywhere

Yesterday, some nutcase dressed himself up as the Joker, let off some gas canisters and shot a dozen people dead at a screening of the new Batman movie in Colorado. He injured many more.

Today, in Hobart’s main shopping mall, some nutcase dressed himself up in a gas mask and walked around the mall with a cap gun, pretending to shoot people.

There are idiots everywhere. I hope the cops gave this one a good phone-booking.

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  1. Wow, that crackpot in Colorado will be thrown under the jail and quite possibly used for medical experimentation to prevent future random mass killings like this. He’s the only mass killer in recent memory to survive the event and to submit to subsequent capture. He is a singular window.

    About the fellow in Hobart: That sounds like a scary precursor to something much more sinister.

  2. I guess a nutcase he was, but an idiot he wasn’t, which makes it totally senseless. Reading ABC News it says he had a neuroscience degree from the University of California, Riverside, and in academic achievement, “he was at the top of the top,” recalled Riverside Chancellor Timothy P. White. But ironically, Holmes concentrated his study on “how we all behave.”
    If he could have kept it together, he had a bright future awaiting him with benefits of mankind. The state of humanity is, however, at times is very sad and depressing.

  3. Simple really,

    You attach the + lead to the left temple & the – lead to the right temple.

    Switch on the 240v AC wall socket/plug for, say 4-5 seconds…….

    Hey presto, they are cured!!…………..Or 25 seconds will do it for life [terminal]

  4. When I lived in Colorado I used to live fairly close to this theater and in fact I have seen two movies in this very theater.

    People who do things like this are basically cowards.

    Your individual in Hobart is trying to be a bully. I hope he gets his name on some travel restriction list.

    Just a thought.

  5. This Holmes-character reminds me a little bit too much of Anders Behring Breivik, the fascist terrorist in Norway. The Ć¼bermensch-idea, paranoia and gun fetischism seems familiar.

    Death penalty is too kind on these people. Not to mention too barbaric to be considered in the first place.
    Let them rot. First, teach them some manners and some understanding. Then they may rot.

  6. Home is Colorado, living now in Alabama. Insanity does not know national boundaries. Time does heal all wounds. This will take a long time to heal.

  7. Once again this tragic event should cause for U.S.A to seriously reveiw their gun laws. What other country in the world do some 16 yo get a gun for their birthday? Reform is desperately needed to try and prevent this happening for the thousandth time!

  8. **Comment removed**

    OK, reinstated. I was going to remove this comment because, personally speaking, I think it’s inflammatory and downright stupid. On reflection, that’s exactly why it should stay – SW

    This kind of shooting spree happens in the US regularly. People should have taken precaution. So I am puzzled why people at the scene didn’t carry their own firearms and return fire in self-defence? If they did, it would have been the best deterrent against such attacks.

    1. @ngu: Ignoring for a moment the utter callousness of blaming the victims for not being adequately armed to see a PG-13 movie AND the likelihood of shooting the wrong person in a dark, smokey theater filled with a hundred panicked people scrambling for their lives, the assailant was clothed in full ballistic gear which included a helmet, vest, arm, leg, groin and throat protectors. So equipped, a mere handgun would likely not have stopped him. Do you propose everyone carry high powered rifles to the movies? Or maybe RPGs?

  9. ngu!

    The next thing you will be suggesting is a night out at an armoury, where you choose a side & simply spend the night shooting everyone on the wrong side…..