Donate to Jim’s Cancer Ride

Jim Coggeshall is a mate of mine in the US and as I write this, he’s on a 200 mile bicycle ride called the Pan Mass Challenge, raising money for cancer research and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Jim is a three-time cancer survivor so the cause is close to his heart. His most recent brush with cancer was just last year but I’m pleased to report that a recent checkup confirmed he’s still cancer-free, which is great news.

This cause is close to my heart, too. I lost my Dad to cancer back in 1985. This morning I wrote about another friend, Saab ad man Curvin O’Rielly, who passed away on Friday after a short battle with Stage IV cancer. As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve just learned this evening that my Mum’s long term partner, Alex Whammond (a very keen and competitive cyclist in his prime) succumbed to cancer just this afternoon. It’s been a crap day.

I met Jim the same week I met Curvin, at the Swedish Car Day in Boston, 2010. Jim’s a Saab nut, through and through, with five Saabs in the garage as well as a beautiful MG that he’s currently restoring.

I’ve already donated 0 to Jim’s ride, but I’m adding another 0 today in memory of Curvin and Alex. The overheads for this event are covered by corporate sponsors so every cent you donate goes to the fantastic research done by Dana Farber Cancer Institute, research that eventually makes its way right around the world.

Jim’s already raised over $5,000 for this year’s ride, but needs another $1,000 to be assured of a start again next year. Last year’s ride raised $35million. If you can make a contribution, then I’d like to encourage you to do so.

Donations for Jim’s ride can be made at this link and even though the ride’s this weekend, donations will still be accepted right through September. His name on the site is recorded as James Coggeshall (you might need to find him when you donate).

If you’re a Saabs United reader, you can win a $100 voucher from State of Nine, too. Just make sure you record your name with your donation.

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  1. Thanks Mate. I appreciate your support and advocacy more than you will ever know. It was one heck of a ride last weekend. Truely inspiring although close to 100 degrees F and very humid both days. But almost all of the 5,490 riders made the full 190 mile distance. Word is that fund raising is 3% ahead of target so it looks good to exceed the $36 million USD goal by the time they close the books on 2012 in late September. That will bring the PMC’s histoical total to $375 million. Not bad for some folks out for a weekend bike tour. I’m at $6,150 in pledges and need just another $150 to be 100% assured of a spot next year. So if anybody else cares to support this great event it is certainly not too late to pledge. You won’t find a better run charity or worthy cause.