PhoeniX winged

I promised Saab fans one final story for Christmas. Here it is. Don’t ask how it happened because the people who know exactly what happened aren’t saying. But it happened.

PhoeniX was last used in an international capacity at the New York Motor Show in 2011. It stayed in the US for a little while after, attending some press drives of the 9-4x and was then used for some smaller SCNA and dealer events. Following on from that, it was shipped to the UK and when they opened the shipping container in Blighty, this is what they saw.

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  1. .
    Sue the shippers….assuming it had transit insurance!!.

    Happy Xmas Stephen & a great 2013 [and to everyone else of course, anywhere & everywhere]…


  2. Someone with a jealous streak who holds a grudge.
    Looks like a hammer was deliberately used to make their mark. The ultimate tool for an ultimate ‘tool’.
    Let’s hope it can be touched up by someone who cares and has respect.

  3. So so sad, like Saab the company in the end.

    I really hope it can be touched up, returned home to Trollhattan and finally with its beautiful sisters in the museum as a symbol of the hope and vision that the independant Saab had olny for it to be torn away.

    Regardless of people’s opinon of the PhoeniX (I personally think that although it’s no Aero X, it’s still stunningly beautitful and closer to a real car than Aero X ever was) the production car would have sold in huge numbers. Looking at what we know, Phoenix 9-3 would have finally had it all……Technology, performance, practicality and jaw dropping looks.

    I hope you still have the odd little Saab story left in you Swade from your time in Trollhattan but in saying that im just glad we all still have this as you are an exceptional writer.

    I hope you have had a great Christmas and all the best for 2013

  4. People are payed well to ship cars what was done to this is a crime by people who have NO pride in their job . I do not act this way in how I treat the patrons that benifit for proper service . Dont blame someone else , if you did the damage fess up and make it proper . It seems from what I seen G.M. must have packed it , just evil , if you need help making it right get me to Sweden and I’ll work for free even if it’s just to sweep floors and gather tools . Things like this just anger myself . I feel badly for Jason who did such fine work
    Be well SAAB and their owners , Dave , Columbus Ohio USA