Saab Festival 2013

A little message that appeared on Facebook overnight on the Saab Car Museum page:

Our small Christmas gift to all Saab-enthusiasts: Saabfestival in Trollhättan, from May 31 to June 2. Mark your calendars! More info will be available on during the winter.

YAY! Great stuff for Saab fans.

If you’ve never visited Trollhattan, the festival is a fantastic time to do so. There are Saabs everywhere, the weather’s usually fantastic, the lasagne at Mamma Mia’s is superb and the sun sets late so you can head down to the canal for a cool tasty beverage.

There’s nothing quite like Sweden in the summer, and Trollhattan during Festival.


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  1. Good news. Mmm, I wonder …
    In reality I doubt that I will be able to visit, though I’d like to. Perhaps if I can persuade Alison [my wife] a trip to the “International Saab Clubs Meeting Great Britain 2013” is more likely. That’s only a 500 mile journey from the North East of Scotland for us.

  2. Merry Christmas all from Scania, Sweden! Snowstorm last night, but rain today. So everything is normal.