Please Donate To Jim’s Cancer Ride

It’s that time of the year again…..

Our Saab mate James Coggeshall (that’s Jim or Coggs to his friends) will be on his bike and riding in the Dana Farber Cancer Institute’s annual fundraising bike ride – the Pan Mass Challenge.

This will be Jim’s third tilt at the Pan Mass Challenge. He rode the last two as a cancer survivor, having beaten testicular and skin cancer. This year it’s different – Jim is once again a cancer patient and as he’s fond of saying at the moment: there’s no fooling around this time.

I’m now two and a half years out from being successfully treated for testicular cancer and a year from dealing with a couple of instances of skin cancer. While undergoing my regular post cancer surveillance visits at the DFCI a biopsy revealed I have prostate cancer. At this point the disease is in the very early stage. But there are some indications it could be agressive. I will be monitored through the summer rather than undergoing immediate treatment but in all likelihood I will have to deal with it this fall/winter.

Hopefully at that time advances will have been made which may minimize the all too common life changing side effects resulting from the current treatments of prostate cancer. I may not be as young as I used to be but not so sure I like the sound of bladder catheters, Viagra, and Depends.

You can read Jim’s full story HERE and I urge you to do so. Two years ago, with the help of the audience at Saabs United, we helped Jim raise over $9,000. We dont have that audience any more but we can still help Jim meet his $5000 target this year (around half still to go!)

The Pan Mass Challenge is a massive event, raising $37 million last year and when this event’s finished, they’ll have raised more than $400 million over the event’s lifetime. As the costs for the event are underwritten by corporate sponsors, every cent of that $400 million has gone directly to cancer research at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute (and they’re the guys/girls looking after Jim).

It’s a 200 mile bike ride so it’s not like Jim won’t be working hard for the money.


Jim is a Saab nut from way back and has one of the sweetest Sonetts you’re ever likely to see, as well as a Viggen convertible, Saab 9-5 wagon and a 900 Convertible. There might be two 9-5 wagons in the collection, actually. I know he’s a 5-Saab man!!

Of course, I wouldn’t ask you to contribute to this unless I was willing to do it myself. Last year I kicked in a couple of C-notes. Tonight, I’ve donated $250 of my hard-earned to this ride and I hope you can find some change down the back of the sofa to kick in as well.


My contribution’s not just for Jim, but also for the memory of my father, Donald Wade, for the memory of my Mum’s later partner, Alex Whammond, for the memory of our Saab advertising mate, Curvin O’Reilly and most recently, in memory of our wonderful Mad Dutchie, Nic Schellekens, who died of a cancer-related incident back in March.

This disease gets too many people. Please support Jim in both his quest to fight it, and to stop it. CLICK HERE TO READ HIS STORY AND CONTRIBUTE.


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