Weekend Video: Porsche 356 Made By Hand

If you’ve been on a tour of a modern car factory, this old video about Porsche is going to make you giggle. If you’ve got even a basic awareness of modern health and safety protocols, it’ll blow your mind. Either way, it’s super-interesting and a great look into quality car building in yesterday’s world.

This is a video tour showing the build process for the Porsche 356. Think Megafactories, 1950’s style. While everything’s basically done by hand there are still some extraordinary machines and the commitment to quality is evident throughout.

The video goes for 40 minutes. If you’ve got time, I thoroughly recommend it. If you just want to see something amazing, skip to the 34 minute mark to watch the installation of the transmission and rear axles. It’s a real knee-slapper!



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  1. It’s brand involvement avant la lettre. Owning a Beatle it is great to see it’s cousin hand crafted.

  2. @ about 36.27, see how high the rev counter goes………Nearly to the Red [orange line].

    Whatever happened to running a car in!!….??

  3. Great video! Great find!
    You were admiring a Morgan the other day, If you every visit ole blighty again, try and cadge a tour round the factory at Malvern. I went there, ooh 20 years ago, and they were shaping the panels by hand. They did have a manual press to cut the louvres in the bonnet! Chalk-mark the position of the first, cut the first one, then changed the die to one that fitted into the previous louvre and cut the next. Then after so many, change the die again, to cut the first smaller one, then another die to cut the second and subsequent small ones. Also hand hammering the beading in on the edge of the wing. Add in the guy with a ‘spoke-shave’ shaping the ash frame, and the ladies hand-making the seats and interior. A *real* treat to watch.