Saab Sonett Owners Will Want To Watch This Sale


I’ve been watching Sonett III prices for a while now. Quite a few of them are reaching five-figures these days, but there are usually some available for four figures if you look around.

In fact, here’s a chart plotting the advertised sale prices for Sonetts, from As you can see, there’s a growth trend apparent but still plenty of availability under $10K (depending on condition, of course)


There’s a Saab Sonett III coming up for auction in Paris next week. It’s one of five Saabs being sold by Bonhams that used to belong to Behermans, the Belgian Saab importer for many years.


The car is a 1972 Sonett. In the plus column is a specially fitted leather interior, a California history before being exported to Europe, and low mileage at just 56,000 miles. The gearbox was rebuilt just a few years ago, too.


Downside: I’m not sure who made the decision to paint the car black – a non-original Sonett colour – but whoever you are, I wish you hadn’t. I don’t mind Sonetts being re-painted in something other than a factory colour. My mate Jim Coggs has a Sonett III in metallic red and it looks magnificent. But I’m not sold on this black paint job.

This Sonett’s going to be auctioned on February 6.


The sale price is going to be very interesting because there’s no reserve, so the car will sell. What’s really interesting is the expected sales range as forecast by Bonhams, which is between €20,000 – 25,000.

That’s H.U.G.E.

As you can see from the price chart, at the top, that would pretty much top all Sonett ads in the last four years. And all for a car painted in a non-standard colour for the model. I know Bonhams want to talk up the value a little to try and drive the price up, and the sale IS happening in Europe, where Sonetts are pretty rare, but still……

The re-trimmed interior works in the car’s favour but I’m not sure that Behermans ownership adds anything to the value, but maybe it does.


I know we’ve got a few Sonett owners who check in here. What do you think of the way this car’s been finished and what do you think it might be worth?

And what’s it going to mean for the value of your car if this one goes for a price within the Bonham’s estimated range?


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  1. In the US this black car would not bring $10K as there are so many similar ones going for the $5K range. I just sold my 1974 Sonett III that was re-painted in spectacular Guards Red for $4K to a chap in British Columbia. He got a screaming deal based on European price expectations. Folks told me I should have listed it in Germany, but I was happy with the sale as i had paid $2,300 for the car in 2011.

  2. The car looks very nice. Apparently, it was well cared for and aesthetically done right. It does look different in black, however, I like it.

    As far as the price it brings, it will depend on the buyer. Most of the lower priced Sonetts I have looked at here in the states, need work in order to bring them to an appealing status.

    If I were a collector of Sonetts, I wouldn’t let the color deter me. I looked at a SPG a few years ago that was professionally and specifically rebuilt/refurbished for a particular person that needed an automatic transmission. Later the car went up for sale and understandably, nobody wanted an automatic SPG. Fortunately for me, I was able to buy it at a great price and tracked down the original transmission — mission accomplished.

    This will be a great auction to follow. Thanks for keeping us informed!

  3. I’m not fond of black, but I think the Sonett looks great. However, I’ll bet owners of stroker wagons will be more interested in watching the white 1961 SAAB 95 Estate (Chassis no. 2977) estimated at €20,000 – 35,000 (US$ 27,000 – 48,000), even higher than the Sonett. Oh, how I wish I had one of those!

  4. I think it looks nice due to the condition it is in, and the black is OK, but I prefer other colors on a Sonett III. (When driving a car that small, you need to stand out a bit….if only for safety, if nothing else 🙂 ).

    That is a crazy price if they can get it. Most ones in good condition here in the US go for $5000 – $10000. But as good ones become rarer, perhaps they will begin to pick up in value.

  5. I almost always follow the Jerry Seinfeld credo that “Black Saabs rule” but have to agree with Swade that black just doesn’t do it for me on the Sonett. To me it makes the car look short. It’s a design that should emphasize the elongated body (buy today’s standards). But I also wasn’t a big fan of the original peanut M&M paint jobs either with the exception of orange for some strange reason.

    Glad you like my car’s “fantastic red metal flake” (it’s subtle flake folks bearing no resemblance to a VW dune buggy!). One of the best looking in my opinion is Dyna H’s that was refinished in British Racing Green. Some would say sacrilege on a Swedish car but I say nonsense. I also know you like the Saab purple Swade. You still have first dibs on my Sonett should I ever need to sell it Swade, but the deal is off if I ever hear you plan to respray in purple! You also have to promise not to buy my US car and sell it for 3X in Germany. 🙂

    I don’t know the market but I’ll be astonished (but happy!) if it sells for anywhere near the estimated range.