Saab Sonett V6 – Who you calling bignose?


This car popped up on Bring-a-Trailer today and I couldn’t resist sharing it here.

I’m all for preserving the beauty of the Saab Sonett but I don’t mind the odd journey into the unknown, either. The Sonabusa is testimony to that.

So here’s a Saab Sonett that was modified by a previous owner, some time in the 1980’s, and fitted with a V6 engine out of a Ford Mustang.


The regular Saab Sonett III has a bit of a hood bulge already, to accommodate the Ford Cologne V4 they put in the car. You can imagine putting a V6 in there might necessitate a slightly larger hood bulge – and you’d be right.

Here’s the new lid, from side on…..


And here’s how it looks with the lid closed….


Hmmmm. Not that great. I reckon some sort of shaker setup might look a little better.

I imagine the car’s a bit front-heavy with that bigger donk in it, too. A potential buyer would really want to evaluate the driving experience and compare it with the light-weight tossability of the regular Sonett.

The rest of the car looks OK. No mention of the floor pans in the ad, or the tinworm that can plague them, but the interior is tidy and the fibreglass body looks OK too. I’m not a fan of non-black at the back, but that’s nothing a quick trip to the painter can’t fix.


The current owner’s put a fat looking dual exhaust on the car and it reportedly has new brakes, new master cylinder, a new Holley on the V6, a new clutch and new tyres.

Colour me interested, intrigued, but not yet impressed.

The car’s for sale in Huntersville, North Carolina and the ad’s on Craigslist.




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  1. Hmm….Huntersville, NC. That is only a 3 hour drive away from me. (Not saying I am interested in buying it, but it is an interesting experiment.)

    1. The comments at bringatrailer make good points, though. If that is using the stock transmission with that engine, that is likely not a combination that will last.

      1. Yep. That’s part of the intrigue: how hard could you drive it before one of the participants got killed? Either the car’s going to understeer off the road and kill the driver, or the car’s going to die first from the extra power to the transmission.

        1. And that is the thing. You don’t want a person to get hurt and there are too few Sonett III transmissions in good condition to lose one when vintage Saab enthusiasts are always looking for a good V4 transmission.

          1. Since tre transmission bolt pattern on the Cologne engine family is the same no matter the ci of the engine, I’m guessing it would not be all that hard to find a clutch plate strong enough to cope with the higher torque.

            That based on the assumption the pictured V6 is a 2,8 liter (170Ci) Mustang II Cologne Engine. The Mustang plate might work.

            Jimmy? Any thoughts???

  2. This car needs a 850 2-stroke put in it to save the transmission and fix the weight distribution issue. Then you could have a flat hood.