Volvo Estate Concept – Sexy As…..

Volvo, whatever real-world model it is that you create from this Estate Concept, it had better be good. Really good.

Because this concept car, to be shown at the Geneva Motor Show in the next few weeks, is absolutely fantastic.

OK, it’s only got three doors (including the rear hatch) so it won’t be as practical as Volvos past. And OK, the rear hatch opening is far too small to be as practical as Volvos past.

But you can kinda forgive all that when the rest of the package looks this good – inside and out.

Volvo Estate Concept
Volvo Estate Concept
Volvo Estate Concept
Volvo Estate Concept

We’ll have to wait and read all the details about possible engines, etc. I hope they’ve got some real-world plans for this because the days of concepts-for-the-sake-of-concepts are both tiresome and running out. People expect to see something conceptual turn into something real. I hope Volvo can do it with this car (and retain a two-door option).

I’ve mentioned the two not-so-Volvo bits. Here are the bits I like:

  • BROWN!!
  • The contrasting seat surfaces. Please do one in a tasteful tartan.
  • The sensible use and placement of a large screen (unlike Tesla’s distasteful use).
  • Racy coloured seatbelts.
  • It’s a three-door wagon, a-la Saab’s 95 from decades ago.
  • The ‘ES’ badging, reminiscent of the P1800 with the same badge.
  • Beautiful centre console wood treatment and sculpting

Clickety click.


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  1. Very cool! Our sales manager got to see the new XC90 in Las Vegas last week. He said it has many similarities to the concepts. If so, it (and the coming models) will be good looking vehicles.

  2. For me nothing special, it’s a modern take on the P1800, very nice indeed, it has. Nothing to offer anyone looking to replace their 9-5 estate or v70. It’s a pure niche sports wagon, lovely but v limited appeal, a grown-up c30.

  3. Like BelfastSaab wrote,
    – sixties previous century: the P1800
    – eighties previous century: the 480
    This is merely a modern day’s version of these two wonderful niche Volvo’s

  4. Sorry to be negative, but yet an other useless Volvo “wagon”. And the Swedish car magazines are saying the same.
    What next? Red instrumentation in a new Nevs/SAAB…

  5. I saw a very similar concept car in Frankfurt Motor Show and somehow it failed to impress me. Ok, I like the rear, but the front seems to pointy and boxy to my eyes… and the sideline is too horizontal. Such simple lines will make for a car that will age slowly, but still I like the current Volvo design language better.

  6. I agree, Swade, this car is an attention-grabber. I like the basic proportions of it, and the interior. The three-door thing is interesting – why not – and the centre console looks clever. The furnishing of it is magnificent.

    Interestingly, the final execution of the exterior is distinctly aggressive. Part of me likes it, part of me doesn’t really.

    It’s a bit shark-like here, a little batmobilesque there, a touch Lego Technic jet fighter all over. I sense that the Volvo boardroom ordered the designers to change what was probably quite a clean original design to make it look more like a current BMW 5 Series Touring, with a little of the current A6 thrown in, in order to achieve that ripped ‘alpha-male’ look that’s such a big hit with managerial execs and drug dealers.

    Then someone coughed nervously and said: “Hang on … you’re going to alienate the traditional Volvo crowd with a car that looks like that. What Golden Retriever would be persuaded to get into that? What will they say at the Rotary Club meeting? Or the University staff room? So here’s a solution. How about you put lots of wood and tartan inside, and paint the outside brown. No BMWs are brown. That should calm things down a bit. See? It looks more like a 140 already.”

    I am reminded of the original Concept You from three years ago. It is stylish and has clean lines. It’s not aggressive or shouting for your attention. That’s not what a Volvo should be about. It should be slightly square, capable but calm, and exactly wide enough to hog the outside lane at 58mph and annoy the red-faced managerial exec in the BMW 5 Series Touring behind.

  7. I’m always a sucker for the glass roof on packages like this, but that touch has a way of being eliminated on the production car.

    I like it. I’m not so big on brown for this car as you are, but I very much like the dark/light contrast of the reflection off the side panels highlighting the contour. This car needs a dark, shimmering paint. It would be a shame to get it in white it seems.

    I very much like the concept of a P1800/C30/95 for the future — it’s a great way to have the sporting potential of a lightweight, low center of gravity car with the additional practicality of a real backseat and/or cargo space. It’s a winning concept.

  8. I love it. It’s about time Volvo updated their interiors, and the exterior has good presence. The stuff I don’t like is probably concept-only.
    This reminds me of something I read on a French car blog: “Volvos have the best rear ends. If I bought one, I would pay someone to drive it so I could admire it from my BMW.”

    1. Funny! I thought about the good-looking rear on this one and the C30 has that in common. Of course, the P1800 is unassailable. I’ll have to think about the rest.

  9. I am interested also to see what a production version might eventually look like from this. I definitely like the estate/wagon format and there are many things about this concept that look nice. If it remained a 3-door only model, it is unlikely it would end up on my short list for an eventual new car (my parents are at the age now where they could not crawl into the back seat of this when visiting). But, it has nice potential if they keep developing this.

  10. Very very attractive. Volvo needs to get something with this much draw on the market asap. Just one minor note though Swade. Although tastefully placed I would not consider that a “large” screen. At least not when you are using Tesla in the same sentence. I do agree that the Model S’ interior needs some work. That screen is not tastefully integrated IMO either. But then the thing is just so huge. Having test driven the car I can say that the interior feels nicer in person than you’d imagine looking in photos.

  11. As a long-term (nearly 30 years) Saab guy, I’m still grieving over the demise of my favorite brand, but the addition of a Volvo C 30 to my fleet in 2012, has gone a long way to soften the pain. The car is fantastic, with great handling, lots of power and a rock-solid structure. Since the C 30 will soon be out of production too, I have high hopes that the Estate concept will be built in quantity. There’s just something about a three-door that really works for me.