How to Add Value to a Cadillac

With thanks to my mother-in-law (yes, really)…..

Perhaps the best way to add value to a Cadillac is to glue money on it. 38,295 US pennies, to be exact.

Cost of modifications: $382.95

Weight added: 200lbs (90kgs)


I do like the sign on the hood 🙂 ……


And in related Yank-Tank news, Cadillac are looking to make a charge on the Australian market again. Not in a hurry, mind you, but still….

Ellinghaus said he saw potential for “almost all cars in the current portfolio”, but said any Australian introduction would start with one or two models and expand from there.

A local launch appears unlikely until closer to the end of the decade at the earliest, however, with the brand still yet to manufacture any of its vehicles in right-hand drive.

“We are of course on the case and want to offer right-hand drive. We have plans underway [but] it’s definitely nothing that will come in the next two or three years for sure.

Caddy tried to come into Australia around 5 years or so ago. They even commandeered Saab Australia’s personnel and re-named them GM Premium Brands. It was over before it started.

I won’t hold my breath, but come on down, Caddy.


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  1. I do like the copper finish, and it should age very nicely.
    I’ve seen some recent pictures of the Citroen Onyx, and they’ve let the copper go green. It’s actually quite nice, I would love to see this finish on a production car. It’s definitely for the “patina” crowd and not for the “showroom fresh” crowd.

    1. Indeed. Given that US pennies have been mostly zinc for 30+ years, even more so (assuming that most came from the most recent period).

      1. Yes, from time to time there is debate here if the U.S. penny should be phased out as it currently costs more than $0.01 to manufacture each new penny. I suppose it will happen at some point…..and then, of course, they will round up sales tax to the nearest $0.05 or $0.10… taxes are never rounded down…

        1. We just got rid of the penny in Canada. Retailers round to the nearest nickel. Totals ending in .01 and .02 round down; .03 and .04 round up. The transition was seamless.

          1. I was amazed when I went to Canada in 2004 and you guys were still using pennies. US, too. We used to have 1 and 2 cent coins here but we got rid of them in 1992. Everyone rounds up or down to the nearest 5 cents and everyone’s happy.

  2. The real test is whether people will walk past a coin on the ground. Even funnier when it is glued to the ground. Lost of laughs watching people getting upset once they realise what is happening. Seems 5c coins are now irrelevant here too.

  3. Latest news: “General Motors CEO Mary Barra gave her most critical statement yet on the automakers’ handling of a flawed ignition switch, calling it a tragic situation in which “terrible things happened.” Any comments?