Inside Koenigsegg – 1360hp engine in the Koenigsegg One:1

Koenigsegg Website

I’ll understand if you feel a little short-changed watching this video. What we want to see is the 1360hp One:1 engine in full flight and that’s not what you get here.

What you get, instead, is a verbal run-through of the changes made to the Agera R engine to bring it up to One:1 spec. Koenigsegg is, after all, an evolutionary car maker, a company that constantly improves its technology with every car that it makes. The One:1 continues the evolution.

The video is short. It’s worth watching. Hopefully get we get to see the One:1 in action soon.

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  1. Thanks Swade. Interesting on two counts; the amount of changes (is there anything not changed?) in the engine upgrade CvK describes and also his view on hybrids. Sounds like he’s waiting to go full electric rather than halfway. Now, I wonder where he might find a company working on electric technologies in Sweden?…….

    1. Yeah, his hybrid comments were interesting, but I thought they were a little out of place in this film. Maybe they figured a 5-minute minimum film length was required and lacking any real engine film, they employed a little bit of hybrid filler.

      Anyway, CvK is a noted new owner of a Tesla Model S and was quite complimentary about it in recent reports (in Swedish).