Weekend Video – Living The Porsche

This is a long one – just over one hour – so set aside some sofa time with your favourite beverage and a few biscuits.

Living The Porsche is essentially a long-form advertisement for Autohaus Hamilton, a Porsche specialist workshop in Sydney, Australia. But describing it that way and failing to give you more would be a huge injustice to what is a fantastic Porsche film.

Porsche is a company dedicated to racing and most of their cars have been built with racing in mind. They’re engineered in such a way that nearly every Porsche model is a potential racer that can be used every day. OK, perhaps not some of the more recent money-spinners, but I digress….

This film has some regular road warriors in it, but most of the people profiled here do run their cars on the track, either in club racing, rallying or something more serious. The community buy-in to the Porsche racing ethos is no gimmick, as you’ll see.

Living The Porsche documents the experiences shared by this group of Autohaus Hamilton customers – their cars, their love for the brand, their build stories and yes, for some of them, their racing stories.

The primary focus is the 911, but I was pleased to see a couple of 968’s get a look in, too. If you’re into Porsches, this film is time well spent. Look past the early references to the business and you’ll see a group of truly passionate people that love their cars. If you’re a car nut, you know that’s exactly the way it should be.

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