Victor Muller Talks About His “Bond Car” – Spyker B6 Venator

I love Victor Muller. And I love the Spyker B6 Venator. I think the chances of it ever being built in numbers are very, very slim, but I love it anyway.

Bloomberg have released a video today, with Victor talking about the Venator and the convertible bond that you can use to buy a (convertible?) Venator.

VM covers some other topics in the chat, too. There’s a little bit of Saab in there, a little bit of GM and some surprisingly fond words for the man who some say is about to waste 5 billion-with-a-B Euros on Alfa Romeo – Sergio Marchionne.

Watch and see.

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  1. This man has an unbelievable amount of passion and energy. However, from an investment standpoint, the concept of using a CV bond to purchase one of these cars will be a real stretch.

  2. I you love Victor Muller, you probably don’t love Swedish auto journos in general. And especially not SvD’s Jonas Fröberg, who this week basically portrayed this deal as confidence trick by Muller who has lost everything but the B6 Venator to Youngman and is in desperate need of money. Whatever he does, he will forever be laughed at in this duck-pond called Sweden. I wonder if he regrets his short history at Saab…

  3. I must say the convertible bond deal reeks of desperation. I can’t think of a single executive who would dish out a hundred thousand pounds on a bond that may materialize into something in a couple of years… or be lost in bankruptcy. Think of him walking in a shark tank and trying to sell that to a bunch of investors.

    Gold bless him anyways.

  4. I also love Victor Muller and am touch by his energy and resourcefulness in business. There are quite a few aficianados of Spyker with deep pockets who would go for a B6 Venator; but one hundred units is more than Spyker has ever sold before of any model, and is a stretch to reach. But I applaud Victor Mullers’ and Spykers’ latest attempt. I truly hope they will be succesful and manage to revive Spyker.

  5. VM is always full of energy and enthusiasm – quite inspirational really!