5 Minutes In A Porsche Macan Turbo

Last weekend I had the pleasure of checking out a brand new Porsche Macan Turbo. It was all-to-brief, but I did get to drive it around the backstreets of Swansea, on Tasmania’s east coast.

First Impressions – Outside

The Cayenne might be the latest in a long line of non-911’s that saved Porsche, but it doesn’t have a long line of purist fans. It’s a large SUV from a company that made its name building light, nimble sports cars.

The Macan is still an SUV, but I think those purists might find it much more palatable.

Porsche Macan Turbo

It’s certainly a more compact vehicle and feels a lot more snug when you get inside. The proportions and the stance – along with those massive wheels (and HUGE brake calipers) – combine to make it feel about as sporting as an SUV can feel.


First Impressions – Inside

Buttons. If there’s one thing you’ll notice immediately upon stepping into the Porsche Macan Turbo, it’s the vast collection of buttons. Buttons on buttons on buttons – and very few of them in the driver’s natural field of vision (not great).


I didn’t have enough time to note all the features of the Macan while I was in it. And I haven’t done any homework as to what features it has. I only know that it must have a lot of features as it has so many buttons. There’s even a plethora of buttons on the side of the seat (though they’re mostly self-explanatory).


The layout is pretty nice and the interior of the Macan feels sporty. On the ever-so-slight downside, the materials feel modern but to me, they don’t really feel ‘natural’. I hope that makes sense. My humble opinion: My 968 features all sorts of man-made materials but it still feels more natural and connected than the Macan. I think sometimes they make these cars too refined, but then my needs are very different to the person Porsche built the Macan for.


First Impressions – Driving

I had a short, short drive, so I can’t say much at all. I can tell you the Macan Turbo has a turbocharged V6 and makes close to 300kW (400hp), which is a LOT of power for small(ish) SUV. I used about 5% of it going around the block at Swansea.

I can’t tell you about the power. I can’t tell you about the grip, which is reported to be phenomenal for a car it’s size. But I can tell you it’s smooth, quiet and refined. It carries its prestige well. The seats hug you like a long-lost aunt, the steering wheel is suitably thick and even using minimal pressure on the loud pedal, you can tell it’s got plenty of go.

The big question is whether or not it can party, too. I’d love to get a longer drive in order to tell you, but that might take a while – I’ve heard that one dealer in Melbourne has hourly test drives booked every day for the next three weeks.

5-minute Conclusion

Forget my personal misgivings with the interior materials. The Porsche Macan Turbo is a very attractive vehicle. It has genuine Porsche design, genuine Porsche power and according to other tests I’ve read, it has genuine Porsche handling, too.

Porsche will sell every Macan that they can make. Have no doubt about it.

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  1. &$% that’s ugly – inside and out. I know $85K isn’t much for a new Porsche but for the same money you could buy 2-4 really sweet, classic 80s Mercs, have the same amount of offroad performance* and keep your credibility intact.

    *- you’d be surprised how capable a 190D 2.5 is on bush tracks 😉

  2. Grey on grey on grey. I don’t understand the German car buyer’s mentality. The local MB dealer has a wall of available paint colours, dozens of possibilities, and yet every car on the lot is in some shade of grey.
    I wonder if buyers need to assure themselves that they are being “serious” and “rational” when they blow 6 figures on a toy.

  3. If you liked this, you should try the Audi SQ5 – 230 kw, 650 nm with 100kmh in 5.1 seconds, and a bi turbo diesel too. All this for $101k on the road. Oh, and the Macan is based on the Q5 …


  4. These vehicles illustrate why we need a revolution, comrades.

    The seats look nice, though.

  5. The interior could be better i imagine. From the pictures it looks scattered and its best feature might be the steering wheel. The exterior seems pretty ok. At least way better than the Cayenne. When i see a Cayenne i always ask myself what the driver of it thinks of him self while driving it. Since the Cayennes been around for a while there are also guys driving around in a relatively affordable used Cayenne they bought on Blocket or similar instead of a new Volvo or Audi. When i see those i wonder even more about what the guy are thinking about him self and the next no warranty service.