(Mega) Classics By The Beach – August 2014

Today was the first Sunday of the month and after a few months away on family visits, it was great for me to get back to Classics By The Beach.

And what a day! We had some terrible weather in Hobart last week, but it’s almost as if the weather gods were trying to get the bad stuff out of the way early so that Sunday would be perfect. And it was. In fact, the conditions were so good that today was quite possibly the biggest attendance I’ve seen at Classics.


You know things are busy when you can’t get parking for your Ferrari! There was a Lamborghini Uracco parked in an overflow car park, too.


I’ve got a mega-gallery on site for you today, with a few special cars to show in slightly more detail.



The Classic Ford Car Club was present today with a nice collection of Mustangs, 60’s and 70’s Falcons and very nice singular examples of both the Cortina and Escort.

That’s 400hp of Bling!


Click to enlarge.



Apologies are in order….

The hood and hatch were both up when I was chatting with Nigel, the owner of this Jensen Interceptor, and I forgot to go back and get photos of the exterior before he left. All of which creates the perfect excuse to catch up with him again and maybe accompany him on a drive to a nice photogenic spot 🙂

The Interceptor’s been in Nigel’s family since his Dad bought it in the late 1980’s. After a lot of recent work, the car was finally re-registered for use on the road just last week and Nigel plans to drive it as often as he can. Lucky he’s got the one with the small, economical engine – at just 6.3 litres 🙂


Inside is like a 1970’s gentleman’s club but without the funky colours or the shagpile carpeting. It’s pure comfort in classic black. The only repair considered necessary is one of the seams in the black leather driver’s seat. The rest of the inside has a genuine 40-something-year-old patina that’s just fantastic.



More to come on this one. Count on it.


De Tomaso Pantera

I can’t get enough of this 70’s supercar. It’s in such amazing condition. I followed it from two cars distance on the road to Classics this morning and the sound, even at a staid 50 km/h, was just magic.


I only took a few photos today because there was so many cars to see, but I tried to capture a few details. Again, the promise of things to come.





Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Veloce

I hope I’ve got the naming right on this one.

I’ve photographed this Spider before, but the conditions and space are never quite right to capture the true beauty of this car. The car is owned by the same guy who has the amazing Riley I photographed earlier this year. Yes, he has superb taste in cars 🙂


As with the aforementioned Riley, the beauty is in the minutiae. The flowing Pininfarina curves are just sumptuous and everywhere you look there’s a pleasant little detail waiting to delight you. Nobody does this stuff quite like the Italians.

And by the way….

I learned today that you can tell a genuine Veloce by the little air channel in the right-side grille (body coloured). It funnels air directly up to the carbies. Many try to fabricate this on their ‘Normale’ models but few get the finish of the genuine article.



Special BMW’s

There were a pair of very, very nice BMW’s there today.

The first was a black JPS edition E21 323i. A genuine article, with all the right badging on the wheels, interior and C-pillar. The second was a beautiful orange BMW 2002 ’roundie’, which I’ve photographed before.


Fiat X1/9

I have a real crush on the Fiat X1/9 at the moment. People keep telling me that they’re somewhat underpowered but I refuse to believe it because they look absolutely flawless. How could you not love this?


X1/9’s are still quite affordable, but where they ranged from around $2,000 to $8,000 a year or so ago, the price has crept up a little lately and they’re starting around $5,000 and going up to double that amount. You’ll probably pay even more for a Bertone-built model.


VW Flat Tray

Do you ever get the feeling that old Volkswagens have transcended themselves? Think about it. This company made millions and millions of funny-looking cars that were little more than simple, robust transportation machines bought by millions of people. But they were so robust that they formed the centrepiece of a billion road-trip memories and they were so simple that they were easy to customise. These simple, some might say inelegant machines, are now incredibly cool and can be worth much more than a car built in such massive numbers could reasonably expect to be.

Which leads me to this VW, which I have to assume is a customised Type II Flatbed. It rates an 11 on the funky scale. Just check out the flappy windshields 🙂




Austin-Healey Sprite

We see a few AH’s at Classics but very few Sprites. They’re a delight to photograph and from why my friend Ken tells me, even more fun to drive.






The rest

Alfas, Rolls Royce, MG.. even a Buick 8 with the interior-of-the-day – they’re all here.

There were SO MANY cars here today. I got to Sandy Bay in my 968 around 9:30am and cars were still rolling up at around 11am. I think a lot of people made late decisions to come down when they saw how good the conditions were.

Another outstanding Classics made great by the cars and the people who brought them along.

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  1. Glad you like the Jensen, Swade. Catch up any time.
    Also massive coincidence you were talking to my Dad when I got there!

  2. I keep saying we should move to Tassie..! Great work getting shots, Swade! Hope people enjoyed seeing your Porker too.

    1. The 968 tends to go mostly unnoticed, which is OK. It’s the old and the odd that get the most attention – and rightly so. The 968 is incredibly sensible for a sports car and very intelligently engineered and therefore, somewhat uninteresting. Compare it to something as zany as the Pantera and it’s easy to see why it gets lost in the shadows (even if it’s far ahead in the corners 🙂 )

  3. The condition of the cars seems to be high. Really high.
    Absolutely need to see more of the Jensen and the Pantera.
    And that JPS is truly fantastic. What a find! There aren’t too many of them left and even less in that sort of condition. Wow!
    Why is it that there is such an eclectic collection of such breadth and standard in Hobart?

  4. Thanks for the comments on the Pantera. It had some tweaking recently and this was the second time I’d showed it and I appreciate the comments and pictures. Regards Adrian

    1. Adrian, your car is absolutely outstanding. You must be super proud.

      Will seek you out for a chat next time I see the car around.

      1. Sounds good. We might have something very different to bring next time if we get it finished??? It’s “powered” by V4 and that’s all I’m giving away.