Petrolicious – Lancia 037

Petrolicious has to run out of….. fuel at some stage, right? I mean, how many incredible different vehicle models can they actually get access to before they start repeating themselves?

Hopefully the answer is “plenty more”.

The owner of this car will be familiar to the avid Petroliciousisti. One of his cars was featured in an earlier video and it’s every bit as exotic as this one. I won’t tell you which one it is right now but the video’s at the end of this post.

This video focuses on his Lancia 037 Group B. As he intimates in the story, the 037 is the lesser-known but not lesser-accomplished champion of the Lancia family. It shone ever-so-briefly between the rather insane Stratos and the somewhat more sensible Delta Integrale and in many ways, it was the perfect bridge between the two. It’s achingly beautiful to look at and fast in the way that only Group B cars could be.

Enough from me. Enjoy.


As promised, here’s the earlier video featuring the same guy.

I’m not sure what he does for a living but he obviously does it well. Not only does he have two of the rarest Lancias ever made, he also has a BMW M1 lurking in the garage, too.

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  1. Probably my favourite Group B car. The road-going version doesn’t seem half as exciting but I suppose that’s normal. I found the observation about that era being the last romantic era of racing quite insightful, although I think WRC maintains some romance. But yes – there was something about that push to build genuinely focused and original machines that is lacking in contemporary racing. Or perhaps it’s all just nostalgia.

  2. Forgot to mention – how jarring that he likened the 037 and Stratos to boy band albums. That’s not right, mate!

    1. It’s funny, but I remember when I first saw the Stratos video, that I didn’t really get the feeling that he was a car guy. It felt more like he was a rich guy with impeccably good taste in cars. Maybe that faux pas gives it away just a little more.

      Either way, good luck to him. Some say that we never really own a car. We just preserve it for the next person and we’re either really good at it or really bad at it. He’s doing an OK job.

  3. I so love Lancias pre 1985. Flawed like all Italian cars of this era, but with an engineering purity well above Alfa Romeo and closer to Ferrari. These Lancias posts have me looking at the Lancias Classifieds! Looking forward to more write-ups on your new purchase Swade!

    1. What is this trend to always call Italian cars “flawed”? Not to make a target of the person who said it, but the description iis so overused that it is getting ridiculuous. It’s like a way for someone to show they know what italian cars are all about? Basically every car is flawed in one way or another, this is not a profound statement.

  4. Phillip Toledano is a NYC based artist – primarily a portrait photographer. Seems like an interesting guy with nice taste.