Video: First Guitar Debut For Our Guitar Making Class

Yesterday we had a very exciting moment at our guitar building class. One of our fellow students, Christiane, had finished her guitar and it was strung and played for the first time.

Christiane doesn’t play guitar. She built the guitar for her son. I hope he realises the beauty of the instrument he’ll soon have in his hands.

The guitar is being played by Cary Lewincamp in the video below. Cary is a local professional musician and we are building our instruments in his workshop.

Put simply, the guitar sounds absolutely amazing. Cary is an amazing musician but the quality of the instrument that Christiane’s built cannot be denied.

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    1. It is indeed. To hear those first notes played and to see the look of surprise on Christiane’s face when she realised what she’d made was a wonderful moment.

      I strung mine up today, but it needs a little work yet so the strings will come off early tomorrow for some finishing work. School ends tomorrow night so it has to be ready!