Friday Fulvia – Series 2 in Black + White

Welcome to the Friday Fulvia – a new (old) Lancia Fulvia photo every week!

This week it’s a series 2 car, not badged as an HF but dressed up in rally colours nonetheless.

My favourite bits on this car – the little mirrors (replicas available) and the blacked-out wheels. The blue Series 2 that lives here in Hobart has the same wheels in plain silver, which I’ve posted below for comparison.

Fulvia Coupe S2 B015

And the photo for a wheel comparison….

lancia 004

Have a cracking weekend!!

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1 Comment

  1. I like the look of the blacked-out wheels! Sort of like when the Saab soccerball wheels went from their original all silver/grey color to having the blacked-out sections.