Video: Porsche 968 ClubSport

I was watching a Harry’s Garage video last night and it prompted me to the fact that I hadn’t put together my video for my Porsche 968 CS yet. Bad me!

OK, I’m no Harry Metcalfe when it comes to enthusiastic presentation. I have to get a little more comfortable in front of a camera. But here it is: my Porsche 968 CS.

The video goes for about 8 minutes and I hope you enjoy it. Apologies in advance for the rattly audio during the driving sequence. It’s my GoPro housing. I need to find a solution for that.


One of the good things about living in Hobart – that winding hillside road is only about five or six minutes away from the city centre.

Good times are never far away! 🙂

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  1. Do I spot some FCPX default elements in that intro? 😉
    Thanks for the heads up on Harry’s Garage too – I had not come across that one. Have added to my subscription feed.
    By the way, there is a Renault Megane like the one in your $10000 list for sale in North Hobart but it is $16,000, and the MX5 has sold. However I know of a lovely ’96 owned by a little old lady (true!) with low Ks and drives like new. I nearly bought it last year but she changed her mind about selling it. She has since bought another car and hopefully I will make it mine very very soon. It is a 1.8, red and totally stock.

    1. Points added for me having FCPX. Points deducted for me not using it creatively 🙂

      I saw the MX-5 had gone. Not surprising. It was very good value, I think. I wondered whether you’d bought it, actually. I hope you manage to secure the old lady one. Sounds ideal.