Fiat X1/9 Is ALIVE

Good news!

We installed a new condenser, new HT leads and new contact points into Geoff’s Fiat X1/9 and then this happened…….

(apologies for holding my iPhone the wrong way)


Now we just have to do the brake master and clutch master and we should finally be somewhat mobile!

Good times!

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    1. I don’t know, Par. Could it just be ‘time’ that’s making start a little slower? We’ll put the battery on charge over the next few days and try it again on the weekend.

        1. I would think so. There are similar products here in the U.S., but not with a great name like that!

  1. START YA BASTARD………..I LOVE that name….wish we had that brand here!!!

    Sure made that Bastard start. Good that you got it to start with a relatively minor ignition tune up.

    I think he should look at getting rid of points in the fuutre……you forget what a pain they are if you drive much.

  2. Perseverance! Great to see the success coming around.

    As everyone else on the thread, I love the product name. Perfect. They must own the market.

  3. Hey Swade and Geoffery, Great to hear the X19 running!!! Hope you can drive it down to the Neck in the New Year.

  4. Heck, and no ECU to worry about.
    Getting Her 9-5 to start properly has been a right PITA all year. Fuel issues. Spark issues. Battery issues, the whole shebang. Nothing new here really, just a more hi-tech iteration complicating things more. And the 9-5 isn’t really all that sophisticated. Makes me a weekend hack, then. But now I have its measure! It starts, it runs and it flies!! Finally…
    Makes the saying “Love it to bits” actually mean something…