Fulvia Friday – Great In Grey

When I first saw a Lancia Fulvia colour chart the idea of a grey Fulvia didn’t excite me too much. I still wouldn’t want a grey one, myself, but seeing this car today has caused a massive mindshift over the basic idea of a grey Lancia Fulvia.

It’a also the best looking Fulvia-with-bumpers I’ve ever seen. I think it might be the wheels and the low stance. Whatever it is, this Fulvia looks the business.

This car is for sale in Holland for 16,000 EUR …. and just quietly, what is it with the Mad Dutchies and outstanding cars?! They seem to have heaps of them!

1967 lancia fulvia Grey

1967 lancia fulvia Grey 2

1967 lancia fulvia Grey 3

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  1. How about a metallic silver? Then all the brightwork will complement the base colour rather than contrast it, with the bumpers on of course. The upper tumblehome of the body above the crease line would reflect more light and would show off the body better than a solid colour.

  2. Sweet ride, beautifully presented.

    (I think the Dutch are downhill from everywhere else, thus all cars, good and bad, eventually end up there.)

  3. I like the offset on those wheels. Fills the arches rather well. ‘Wheels maketh the car’ as they say…